The times.In fact, I think that the film

The times.In fact, I think that the film

The film the Atomic Cafe Project is a film that covers the beginnings of the era of nuclear warfare, created from a broad range of archival film from the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s. The Louvin Brothers’ 1952 classic, “Great Atomic Power,” was recorded in the aftermath of the World War II bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I don’t think there would be any issue with showing this film to new employees. After watching the film, I think that everyone will grow their own opinion about the consequences that took place during those times.In fact, I think that the film is very educational.

It shows what civilians went through back in those days. It shows the way that families had to fear for their safety even though the nuclear bombings were supposedly for the enemies. In fact, when watching the film, you will see that everyone is in danger.

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Dangers steamed from bring to lose to the explosion and a lot of people had no shelter. Looking at the film you can see that the civilians were so afraid.There were some civilians that were all for it but there were a lot of others that were against it.

I think it is beneficial to see the live, real action film, to get a realistic approach on what could happen and how it could affect us all. Also, there are still claims that North Korea has developed nuclear weapons to counter threats by the United States. Iran is seemingly turning its back on the world to develop the bomb. The U. S.

has officially invited India to join the nuclear club, creating worries about the reaction of Pakistan.I think that this is very important and we should be ready for these types of threats from other countries. But I think we should do it the right way and not blow up other countries for the heck of it. Bombs are very dangerous and this films show you the outcomes of such tragedies. In conclusion, I think there are pros and cons to this film.

Either way, I think people will develop their own objections. There are no big reasons not to show this film.

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