Law but that it was possible. The plaintiffs,

Law but that it was possible. The plaintiffs,

Law Faces Third Day of Questioning Source: Associated Press Publication date: 2002-05-14Arrival time: 2002-05-13BOSTON (AP) – Cardinal Bernard Law gave a third day of testimony Monday about his handling of a now-defrocked priest accused in lawsuits of molesting children.

The transcripts of Law’s deposition were not immediately released because of a judge’s order giving Law 30 days to review his testimony. Law said nothing to reporters as he entered the chancery library for the closed-door sessions. But two plaintiffs who say they were molested by former priest John Geoghan said Law was questioned about a 1989 letter from a Hartford, Conn., center where Geoghan received three months of treatment. A psychiatrist diagnosed Geoghan with pedophilia in remission, saying he was unlikely to abuse children again but that it was possible. The plaintiffs, Mark Keane and Patrick McSorley, said Law focused on portions of a letter from doctors that said it would be safe for Geoghan to resume his ministry.

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Archdiocese spokeswoman Donna Morrissey declined to comment. Law’s lawyers did not return calls for comment. Geoghan is serving a nine- to 10-year prison sentence on a molestation conviction. The lawsuits allege Law and other church officials negligently reassigned Geoghan and ignored warning signs that he was dangerous.

The attorneys for the alleged victims are trying to determine what Law knew – if anything – about Geoghan’s abuse of children and what was done to prevent it. Plaintiff’s attorney Mitchell Garabedian would not discuss the testimony, but said archdiocese lawyers agreed to let him continue questioning Law. He said the deposition would likely not continue for another month. Also on Monday, a judge ordered the Boston Archdiocese to immediately turn over psychiatric and medical records of the Rev. Paul Shanley to the family of a man who claims Shanley repeatedly raped him when he was a boy. Morrissey declined to comment on the ruling. Shanley has pleaded innocent to three charges of child rape.

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