The would struggle home with stacks of

The would struggle home with stacks of

The Achievement of Desire by Richard Rodriguez In Richard Rodriguez The Achievement of desire, he had grown up in a minority group / family being a Mexican-American , who on entering school was barely able to speak English , but then mastered the art of speaking English that one day his teacher had remarked that he was losing all traces of a Spanish accent.

He considered himself to be success even to become known as a “scholar boy” and additionally prized student, his earlier teachers the nuns had made it their ambition to see him succeed, and also seeing his brothers and sisters bring home their trophies he too wanted to acquire some (trophies) and more.With every award or graduation his parents were there behind the flash of a camera when he looked out into the audience, after every achievement he would hear the same phrase “Your parents must be very proud” which was contrary to what he felt at the time he felt they were not supportive enough because she would ask him what he saw in his books.His lust for education stemmed from when he was a child and it grew more as he got older, he would struggle home with stacks of library books and his brother would tease him and shout “hey four eyes” .

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He withdrew from his family in order to get an education, one day his father opened a closet and was startled to see him inside reading a novel, furthermore his mother would find him reading when he should have been asleep, outside playing or helping around the house, this just goes to show his thirst and for knowledge .He was torn between two worlds that were totally different from each other his family life and school life and he enjoyed school life more, having parents who lack a sound “I wanted to hurt my mother and father” he was also ashamed of them at an award ceremony he heard his father speaking to his teacher and was embarrassed by the way his father was speaking. He felt a bond with the writers whose books he had read he also realized a description of himself in Richard Hoggart’s book “The use of literacy” as the scholarship boy.In addition he idolized his grammar teacher he imitated their accents, and their diction so as to master the English language so as to become educated he even stayed after school to get the teacher’s individual attention. He read every book he could, and even corrected and taught his parents with the words “ My teacher told us” meaning his teacher is never wrong .In conclusion he felt alienated at home and chose the classroom over family but in the end he realized education was not only memorizing what he had read but also applying to his everyday life, even us as college students can relate to this sometimes we think school work takes up the majority of our time and we have no time for family or even friends, but we need to learn how to strike a balance between both worlds and gain full benefits.

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