The The story also takes place at

The The story also takes place at

The problem the main character (Junior) has is that he goes to a different school and does not know anybody.

He is Indian but he wants to go the school with all the rich white kids 22 miles away. He solves the problem by standing up to the biggest kid in the school and making friends with the prettiest girls in the school. He earns respect that way.

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The story takes place in 2006 and 2007 mostly on an Indian Reservation in Washington called the Spokane Indian Reservation. The town is called Wellpinit, Washington.In some chapters the setting are in his house, a basketball court, and at an Indian Fair. The story also takes place at Reardon High School in Reardan, Washington, in the gym and all through the school. The places mentioned Wellpinit, in his room, on his porch, at a basketball court, in his high school, at his grandmother’s house, Montana where his sister lives, Texas because he had a bruise the shape of Texas on his leg, and the Grand Canyon.

It takes place in 2006. In one email from his sister that he gets from her it is dated November 16, 2006.That’s the only time the book mentions the date. The book goes to the end of 9th grade for him because at the end he goes home for the summer and tries convincing his friend to go to the new school with him. That means it is 2007 but the book never actually says 2007.

His best friend Rowdy gets mad at Junior for leaving the Indian school so when they play each other in basketball and Rowdy punches him in the face and causes a concussion. I don’t like that because it’s not right and Junior has water on the brain and he could have died from it.Rowdy used to be his best friend and now they are enemies. This is the first drawing that Junior does in the book. He is describing himself.

He’s really skinny and he has a huge head and big feet. He has a lisp and stutters. The first chapter is about him describing himself and that is the picture that goes with it. The title is good because he writes it like a diary and he and feels like a part time Indian because he goes to a white school with rich kids. I think he would try to make friends just like in the book.

We are not all rich white kids so he would fit in more.He would tell us about himself and show us how he draws cartoons and that would make us like him. In addition, he plays basketball good so he would do that when he got here.

The situation is the one when Junior does not have any money when they go to eat with all of the white kids. He’s real mad because he doesn’t want any of them to think he’s poor. I would have done a lot of things in that situation like asking his friend Roger or asking his girlfriend for some. I wouldn’t care what they thought. He is poor but I am not so I would just pay them back the next day.The original ending is just them playing basketball against each other all night.

They don’t even keep score because they are such good friends. Junior asked Rowdy to go to the rich kids school but he keeps saying no. That is how it ends. The main idea of the book is that any kid can fit in in any situation.

All you have to do is be yourself and you will make friends. When Junior goes to his new school at first he tries to be like them but he realizes that he can’t be and he makes friends by being funny and playing basketball real good.He gets respect for fighting. Also if bad things happen to you things will be OK after a while.

For example in the book his dog dies and also his grandmother, his sister and his dad’s friend dies. Even though he gets real sad from going to all the funerals he just keeps going. He even laughs in the car when his sister dies. That shows no matter what you can keep going even if people in your life die. The part I would change is when Junior’s dad shoots his dog because it gets too sick. His dog is named Oscar and they are too poor to take it to a vet.Junior hates everyone in his family after that especially for being poor.

I would change that part to junior taking the dog to the vet himself and asking if they can take care of it and he will work there for free. He said his dad used bullets because they are cheap. He ran away from the house after that and he wasn’t ever the same. If his dog could live then he would feel better about his family and still have his “friend” Oscar back. I would save Junior’s grandmother from being hit by a drunk driver. I would save her because she really means a lot to him.

She’s the only one he knows that doesn’t get drunk all the time and then she gets hit by another Indian who is drunk. Also at first she is the only one who has his back when he changes schools. Everyone else in his family and his friends don’t support him at all. When she dies, it really hurts him because she is not there to talk to him anymore. I would choose Junior as my friend from the book. I would pick him because he is funny and no matter what he always makes it though the bad times.

Also he could teach me things like how to draw or play basketball.And he treats his friends really good. Even when his best friend Rowdy became his enemy he still liked him. At the end they came together again and that shows what kind of person Junior is. That is why I would want him as a friend from the book. The book was written in first person. The first sentence is “I was born with water on the brain.

” That proves that it is first person; and do not forget it is a Diary so it has to be first person. The whole book is how he goes through his life and tells us about it.

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