Teens prefer to listen to their peers more than their parents

Teens prefer to listen to their peers more than their parents

Teens prefer to listen to their peers more than their parents. Most teens are misguided or pressured by their friends, some are considered bullies as well just getting what they want through other people. This causes teens to do wrongdoings to act “cool” so that others will like them better. Say if a teen was to injure someone mistakenly, that teen would be responsible for their actions, why would their parents be involved if they weren’t part of the situation at first? Parents are not responsible for their children’s actions because parents have directed their children to the right path as they were growing up and showed them right from wrong, it is their children’s decision to continue on the right path or to follow their “peers” to the wrong path, teens are old enough to decide what they are doing is right or wrong, their parents can’t always be there, teens must learn to be individual and face problems on their own.
To begin with, there has been many arguments going back and forth that parents should be responsible for their children’s wrongdoings. As such, this is because most likely parents are the first people that a child encounters with after their birth and parents spend most of their with their children while they are young and growing up. As well, others believe that teens are still minors so they blame parents for their wrong actions, but it is the parent’s responsibility to introduce values into their young children because once their children start to grow it becomes their responsibility to make their own decisions since they will face the real world one day on their own. Here’s an example of parents being blamed for something that should not be their fault because their kids should have known better and know it was wrong doing what they did, “Two classmates were charged with tormenting the girl so viciously on social media and in person that she committed suicide. The charges of aggravated stalking (cyber bullying) were later dropped, and much of the blame landed not on Sedwick’s (the girl who committed suicide) two classmates, but on their parents.” According to National Public Radio (NPR). Parents show how to discipline their children that by the time they are older they should know to be mature/independent enough to handle their own mistakes or problems.
However, parents should not be held accountable for their children’s wrongdoings because blaming parents will not help children learn from their mistakes. Also, if a parent continues to be part of their children’s life and that child continues to make negative actions, then therefore it is not the parents fault of the crime that he or she commits, it is up to the children to follow the rules or orders that their parents have placed for them in order to have a successful life. Plus, most parents are working and cannot watch their children all the time. This can lead children to do stuff that they don’t usually do while their parents are away at work, that is not their parents fault for not watching them, they need to be at work to earn money to provide the things they need. Some parents have no idea or control over other children that expose or pressure their children to do wrong actions. It is up to their children to follow others into the wrong path or not, they should be old enough to know who to listen to.


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