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Technical Communication Methods and Practices Jerome Armstead CJA/363 Interpersonal Communication Don Gemeinhardt There are many different accidents that may occur that law enforcement may encounter on a day to day bases. Officers must know how to react to these calls in order to effective communicate with others.

Effective communication will allow an officer the know how to specifically get the help that he needs in order to complete the task with the correct tools. The police officer needs to be able to communicate with the accident victims, another officer, the department, or even the dispatcher.There are different types of accidents that may occur such as fire accidents, auto accidents, homicides, robberies and routine traffic stops just to name a few. The accidents that occur may have different procedures that have to occur in order for the accident to be effectively communicated between individuals.

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Accident investigation procedures are used when there is an injury or property is damaged. Depending on the reason of the accident, specific procedures must be followed throughout the course of an investigation.We think of law enforcement as just police officers, but the fire department is a part of law enforcement that gets over looked. They play a big role in many accidents that are not necessary their primary job. They are what is called in many society . A fire accident begins with the fire department. The fire department has standard procedures that they follow in order to maintain order and to insure the safety of their personnel and the individuals involved in the accident.

The fire department attempts to put out the fire and rescue the people, if any, that are trapped inside the premises.The surrounding area is blocked off, as to prevent the fire from spreading. Additionally the area is secured so that it protects the public. While the firemen are doing their jobs the police also are called. Police are also in the category of first responders. The police are there to secure the area, so that the fireman can perform their duties. Communication is vital between the police and the fireman because there may be others is involved that could be injured or could become injured (Criminal Procedure, 2008).

The police have many protocols for many different situations.Many police departments have procedures that are followed for an auto accident. First the responding police officer will check the area for anyone that is injured and communicate the information by radio to another officer.

Normally the dispatcher, who is communicating with additional officers, relays the information that he receives from the responding officer. The officer must communicate with the drivers at take statements, so that the officer will record each driver’s version of how the accident occurred into a police report.Sometimes an additional officer that is present may be used to help with the questioning in order to determine if any drugs or alcohol were used. The report may have diagrams of the accident, which may help determine who was at fault. The officer then may have photographs, and roadway conditions.

After this the final police report will be compiled with all of the statements and additional information that was gathered. The report will provide information on who was at fault. “During any investigation the police must have probable cause to make an arrest.However, the police at times must obtain an arrest warrant in order to acquire more evidence to support their suspicions. Communication must be made between the police department and the judge in order to prove to the judge that the probable cause is supported and that a warrant is valid. “An invalid arrest is not generally a defense to prosecution.

However, if an arrest is unsupported by probable cause, evidence obtained pursuant to the invalid arrest can be excluded from trial. When an arrest is made, the arresting officer must read the Miranda warnings to the arrestee.These warnings apprise an arrestee of the right to obtain counsel and the right to remain silent.

If these warnings are not read to an arrestee as soon as he or she is taken into custody, any statements that the arrestee makes after the arrest may be excluded from trial. After the arrest, the police must follow certain guidelines during their investigations. For example, if the arrestee requests an attorney or expresses a wish to remain silent, the officers must honor the request and refrain from questioning the arrestee.However, the police may attempt to confirm that they have arrested the right person.

They may do so by showing a victim a photo array that includes a picture of the suspect; by arranging a lineup of live persons at the police station, with the suspect included in the lineup; or by organizing a show-up, which is a personal showing of the arrestee to the victim shortly after commission of the crime” (Criminal Procedure, 2008). Whenever an investigation goes criminal all of the information obtained is vital and must be detailed.The details have to be communicated between all law enforcement parties to insure that the evidence is accurate and correct. Many people wonder if there are procedures that police must follow during a routine traffic stop.

An officer cannot legally make a traffic stop unless the driver has violated the law. Prior to any stop a vehicle may have been engaged in an activity that has been communicated to an officer that gives the officer the probable cause to stop the vehicle.The technology that is used is a simple radio. After the driver’s information is obtained, the law enforcement officer changes his status to Code 3, a response used to describe a mode of response for an emergency vehicle responding to a call (Kincaid, 2011). Communication between law enforcement is vital for the safety of the community. Technology helps lighten the load and makes it more efficient.

Officers have to follow procedure in order for society to be safe.Each agency that is involved with law enforcement must communicate and follow the proper procedure to makes sure that all the evidence can be used to accurately be used in a court of law. Overall technology and law enforcement procedures coincide daily.

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