Reflect weekend; online meeting; create a facebook

Reflect weekend; online meeting; create a facebook

Reflect on your teamwork experience and identify and analyse your collaborative contribution to teamwork effectiveness.

Some experiences to reflect on may include: • How were you collaborating with and contributing to the team? Was it effective? Why and why not? • What went wrong and how did you or your team members respond to the situation? What was the result? What could you or your team member/s have done to yield better results? ? Meeting time as everyone has the different working timetable. (solution: meeting on the weekend; online meeting; create a facebook group) ?Different idea when solving the case study issue. (solution: look at every single solution, find the best suitable one, give the reason why don’t choose the other one) • How would you collaborate differently in your next teamwork situation? Why? • What worked well that you can continue to do in future teamwork settings? • What values do you see in working as a team? ? Increase the blah…blah…. blah skills I believe this group project has provided me with valuable experience and skills. Within the group, I have always worked hard and finished my assigned work before the deadline so that I did not drag the group behind.Our group decided to alternate the leader role so that everyone had a chance to take the responsibility to manage and oversee all activities.

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Initially, all four members found it hard to organize meeting times as everyone had different timetables. Frustration arose when we could not meet up to divide the work because a member was absent on multiple occasions. We then came up with a solution to hold some of our meetings on Skype, a Facebook group discussion was also created to share useful information. The flexible approach allowed everyone to effectively contribute to the cases.In the future, I will continue to work hard and listen more to what everyone has to say. Furthermore, I have found that when there is conflict it helps to try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand their perspective.

It is important to ask questions and listen to their interpretation of the situation, then it is easier collaborate with others. Additionally, Conflicts sometimes arose where everyone had their own solutions. Each member would have an opportunity to present their idea and the others would discuss to either accept or reject that solution.

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