Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy:
When I think my role as educator, I think constantly maintaining communication with students is very much essential. I want my classroom to be fully friendly which can helps the students to share ideas, and to communicate among them with learning process. Teaching most pleasurable lifelong learning practice. Teaching the student from the basics and once the students learnt the basics it’s easy to apply for N of applications and teacher should encourage students to showcase their individual ability. If the class sessions are interactive then class most likely to be expendable boundaries of knowledge. By funny technical games to make students think sharply with good moral
I believe that the good teacher first understands and knows the students in better way .every student is unique and everyone has their own way of learning the subject and also the way of learning of each subject also differs. We need to plan learning and teaching activities in such a way that every student should learn, think grow.
Educator should motivate a student in all the aspects such that can goal to high level and should help them to achieve that. As we know more learning activity happens through social interaction so we need to structure teaching activities with productively coordinating. It’s essential for the educator to know the subject properly such that he/she can help the students to learn subject. To be the good educator it’s essential for us to know the depth appreciation knowledge in particular discipline to organize and to link with other disciplines. We should love the subject we teach and to make them alive for my students. Major goals are effective teaching and engaging the student with critical thinking as well as improving communication skills. Ultimate goal of teaching the students in such way that skilfully developing the knowledge to them.
I am beginning to know that teacher is the greatest gift to the learners .some essential we need to follow to make teaching effective those are : building good relationship with the students, providing them tools, allow them the freedom to express themselves and it’s important to build support network between schools and home. I am very passionate about the mentoring and educating opportunities students by seeking the feedback and continuously improving my teaching style by giving the quality education.


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