Task 2 The study of health and social is not only about the patient health improvement overall but it needs to keep focus the about all related laws

Task 2 The study of health and social is not only about the patient health improvement overall but it needs to keep focus the about all related laws

Task 2
The study of health and social is not only about the patient health improvement overall but it needs to keep focus the about all related laws, legislation are applied in health care practice by the entire healthy providing organisations and the staff of this organisation who are mainly at point of care giver to client so that they can be major role player. Under this task I will be using some solid practical example from the scenario based and try to show my capability of understanding about how an individuals are at risk, remedy points of reducing risk, this effectiveness according to laws and policies and also try to give a clear idea of managerial approaches for this risk factor. At final point of this task writing I will give a description about codes of practice of medicine administering and drug issues in care site of different health and social care venues.

Case study 1
Mr Harshle 27 year of age who is under caring and supervising about his mental and also physical disability development in XXX care home. The staff in this care venues are always to pay attention about his risks may become impediment to improve his health condition in the overall point of view. At first instance, the professional staff is looking at his basic danger or risks are classified in some ways such as he is not capable to do anything on his with health condition disability in terms of abusing or any physical abuse may occur in this care centre so that he may not protect him-self by any cost of effort. So for this context of formulating behaviour, we can see the all care centre or venues are controlled or monitored under CCTV station in where the manager or cctv controller can see any damages or happening, incident or accident can be checked later on when it is required by the state of emergency. So in overall condition of any workplace or venues are secured by CCTV camera and its importance or urgency need to be asses by the requirement of any health care venues.

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Case study 2
Mr Judy Roy (23), who is a newcomer in United Kingdom from the remote part of Gujrat province of India, also he is an ideal Muslim follower in practices and praying on daily basis. At one stage he become sick and rushed to hospital, since then he is under consideration of frustration and depressed patient and immediate after he is prescribed by specialist doctor to take medication regularly, but most significant thing about him is that he trying to commit suicide, aggressive behaviour, damaging tendency of any stuff in front of him and so on. According to doctor guidance he needs to stay in specialist clinic for his treatment in where we can see this clinic is in compliance with all legislations and laws are already in practice. Such as we can identify this laws are followed by at all times possible. So the basic things about this health clinic are:
a. Maintaining log book system
b. Health and safety sign are visible
c. Fire sign and emergency exit and gathering/assemble points are arrowed properly
d. This clinic have multi-faith prayer room
e. Designated food and consuming lounge
All of this is followed according to current laws and legislations to make sure the client are getting the pure and accurate health care service in all best ways possible.
Case study 3
Mr abul basar 37, has been taken to hospital and as he is suffering with various weakness and he don’t have any confidence at all. Before he is used to does his entire daily job himself without any kind help or support by other. Now gradually he becomes dependent on other people help or supporting. The risk factors are here which may become danger to him at all point of order in medication because he is getting forgetful about anything, recently he cannot prove his skills and proficiency to caring staff. As he is trying to get control on him, but doctor suggest that he is not allowed to take his medication on his own at any point. Just because of his mental strength is becoming weaker to take him to further progress of mind. Doctor also suggests his brain capacity is getting down day by day as well. So the from the recovery of his danger can be guided by doctor prescription and specialist advices.

From Basar case study, we can get some idea of minimising the risk of his health danger or vulnerability situation.
a. Any wrong medication or missing of any taking medication can take him to further danger or health may become deteriorate
b. Wrong diagnosis can lead him further health problem of self-medication administering is never allowed according this situation.
Basar risk thing is self- medication is really danger for him as he is quite forgetfulness to do things right way of self-care.
At one stage of health condition he has get into admit in BBC Caring homes for his details care and supervision is needed to improve his health condition.
First of all, this care centre is up to date about legislative way of practicing laws in here and they should take a programme of training and making the service self- dependent, such as if the care organisation need to give him better health support to recover the health condition in a normal . Just this care provider may need to introduce some specific time for individual. Carer provider is taking 15 days training to client when he is under good mental order. It is not only matter of training the service user to take medication but it also a significant mental improvement also need to make client in better position. In that case we can also identify the most important things is done by the care organisation. Such thing may include the specialist supervision by professional staff. i.e doctor, nurse, trained care staff. Additionally, we can also just remember and follow the training programme such as manuals handling, tools using, basic hygiene and food practice, etc can be helpful to us.
From above all case study I can signify this under the organisational achievement point of view and managerial contexts: the system of organisation and its policies, processes need to allocate their fund on what basis is needed urgent action to take it higher stage, fair recruitment process are taken by the caring organisation. We can some of regulatory requirements are met by the care company. Any kind effective evaluation depends on their service satisfaction questionnaire base. Majority group of individual desire to remain in their own homes, need to take control of themselves governing as long as they are in control order. Sometimes, grownup client with mental demand are at liberty to the entire satisfaction of community care services, public care services, etc,

Administering medicine under consideration of code of practice:
Medicine and drug is very dangerous and harmful if not it has handled or dealt with proper care of management in safe manner. It is basic foundation of practicing medicine administering and drug using in health care settings. According guidelines of different legislation it is mandatory needed to ensure medicines are safely handled, ordered, storage, secured using; disposal of any unwanted or expired medicine is needed to follow the instructions. All of the handling guidelines and instructions are described in health (Care Quality Commission, 2010a). Such as we take the example of Autistic patients may face difficulties in interaction socially, verbally, non-verbally but we could still see the variation of mental and learning disability people. This is why the using or handling medicines should be done in safe and secure way of minimising the risk among the individuals.
As we see there are various types of practice, code of conduct are followed by the care staff and care organisation is have to be under strict rules and conditions applied. The first and most effective thing about medicines is whoever practice the administer medicine to client; he must have the training in medicines. Let go through example of this issue if my care work place is not compliance with this we may face the consecution of punishment. But we can mention the different legislations and rules regarding the medicines and drug handling case. These are: Misuse of drugs act, 1971 and safe prison or custody regulations, health and social care act 2008, etc is underpinning the duty of legislation in care sector.
From above all discussion, we can get an ideal way of commenting that several policies, practices, guidelines and notes, legislations have been referred by the specialist side to protect all of our health care client are in safe and secured by application of organisation policy, medicine administering, storing, disposing, etc.
Furthermore, we can say that recommendations are not enough for us we should go for further training and enquiry when we need it. As these above policies and health practices are very effective from beginning for reducing danger, risk, harm associated with wrong handling of medication care. So basic effective approach of this study lines is using medicine in right way, consider the patient condition, his preferences, ethical side of cares, drug issues. Sometimes a situation rise like life threatening case poising, suicidal, excessive drink of alcohol may bring the individuals organs failure.
So from the above discussion point we can reach a conclusion about that the entire care professional are working hard to make sure all client health are in good as well as we are trying to follow the care venues policies, procedures under the government guidelines and directives for medicine, drug handling in safe way as much as possible. Similarly we cannot deny all the laws and legislation is functioning for empowering all of us confident and choices in this sector. Still we are facing a lot of problem to be address under the proper management and government guidelines, directives to maximise the protection of individuals’ rights, choices, and preferences and after all we need to follow the directives to care for the individuals and nurturing our professional values in care venues as best as possible.

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