KFC loss of quality and control. Very

KFC loss of quality and control. Very

KFC SWOT ANALYSIS:- STRENGTHS:- •KFC is continuing to rule the chicken division with sales in 1999 of 1. 4 billion •Even with gain by Boston and Chick-fill A, KFC customer standards remained loyal to the KFC brand because of its unique taste. •KFC has continued to rule the dinner and take out part of the industry.

•Very strong trademarks recipes. •It gains the highest rank among all chicken restaurant chain convenience and different menu varieties of items. •It generates $ 1 billion every year. WEAKNESS:- KFC loosing their market share and the other chicken chain increased their sales at a faster rate. •The share of KFC chicken segment sales falls from 71% in 1989, to less than 56% in 1999, 15% drop in 10 years duration. •In US market KFC is maintain as leader so extensively expand to increase the base of US market , which was growing only at the rate of 1% per year. •Its rank failed to be in top 20 in growth rate in 2000.

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•Due to lack of knowledge about their values of customer. •Due to the question of over franchising it leads to loss of quality and control. Very low lack of focus on the R&D. OPPURTUNITIES:- •In the sandwich segment McDonald’s accounted for 35% and the Burgering gaining market share of 16%.

•The restaurants of friends and shoney’s are closed forcefully due to declining profits. •Pizza Hut and little caesuras are closed restaurants which are performing very low in the Pizza segmentation. •Very soon Boston market entered Bankrupty proceeding in 1999. •For fast food restaurants mainly consists of largest group is Baby boomers of aged 35 to 50.

THREATS:- •1. 5 million per year sale was generated McDonald’s. •The more growth in dinner house was came from new unit construction in small towns and suburban market. •Steak n shake and cracker Barrel expend its restaurant by more than 10% in family restaurant.

•The distant second company Popeye which producing of sales 1 billion which is nearest to KFC. •Many industries analysists in 1990 predict that for KFC market would be challenged by Boston market for market leadership.

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