Burleigh r a t e g y

Burleigh r a t e g y

Burleigh Heads G o l d C o a s t C i t y C o u n c i l ’ s To u r i s m S t r a t e g y 66 Part 3 Strategic Destination Development … with its village atmosphere, Burleigh Heads is a contemporary Australian beach escape. 13.

4 Burleigh Heads Burleigh Heads is part of the southern Gold Coast. It has a village atmosphere with a strong sense of local identity and community.The Burleigh Headland to the south and South Nobby to the north provides Burleigh Heads’ beachfront with a cove-like environment, a feature that generally provides for ideal beach conditions for both surfers and bathers.

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The natural design, combined with two Surf Life Saving clubs and patrol towers along the beach, provide a sense of safety and protection for visitors to Burleigh Heads. It is a popular tourism destination, particularly for families and daytrip visitors from Brisbane.This popularity is best reflected in the beach’s standing as the second most utilised beach on the Gold Coast, behind only Surfers Paradise102. Considering the comparative lack of tourist accommodation within the Burleigh Heads area, particularly along the beachfront, the popularity of Burleigh Heads beach suggests that it is fair to describe it as a destination of choice for both locals and visitors. A restaurant and cafe precinct is emerging in Burleigh Heads along the Esplanade and beachfront.The foreshore parkland is also a popular location for picnics, barbeques and special events. The central street retail and commercial area is located adjacent to the beach parklands along the ridgeline.

The profile of Burleigh Heads has been enhanced through its association as the home of the international surf wear company, Billabong. This in turn has added a recognisable business character to the area. The easily accessible Burleigh Heads National Park and scenic vantage points on the headlands remain significant tourism assets for this area.G o l d C o a s t C i t y C o u n c i l ’ s To u r i s m S t r a t e g y 67 Strategic Planning Focus Burleigh Heads is the typical contemporary Australian beach escape, combining the sophistication of 21st century living with the universal appeal of beach and a sense of carefree relaxation, from times past. The family-orientated, village atmosphere is ideal for the annual Australian holiday or a weekend getaway for daytrip visitors.Planning Objectives • Maximise car-parking opportunities within proximity to the beach and foreshore parks to accommodate daytrip visitors, but not at the expense of this open space. • Ensure shadowing does not reduce the amenity of the beach.

• Encourage and manage pedestrian traffic. • Improve public amenities, particularly changing facilities, toilets, etc. • Focus on events that reinforce a sense of community, for example markets, festivals, etc.

SWOT Analysis Strengths • Community village atmosphere with retail strip shopping • Open space and amenities (such as play equipment, barbeques) appeals to families • Recognised headquarters of Billabong • Scenic and physical value of the beach, surf and headlands • Quality, casual restaurant and dining experiences • Norfolk Island Pines along the beachfront • Explore links with international businesses, such as Billabong, to build on the destination profile, both domestically and internationally. • Link Burleigh Heads with Kirra, Coolangatta and Duranbah to form a beach/surfing Mecca.Look towards innovative signage and other communication to reinforce a strong sense of arrival at each of these beaches. • Promotion of the existing walkway around the Burleigh Headland as a tourist experience, and introduce further interpretative signage and guides to enhance the visitor and local resident’s appreciation of the environmental value and Indigenous significance of this area. Weaknesses • Lack of car parking in shopping precinct and along the Esplanade • Major traffic flow from the Gold Coast Highway moving through the precinct • Pedestrian movement and safety issues • Quantity of restaurant and dining experiencesOpportunities • Enhance the attractiveness of a Burleigh Heads experience (including beach-based activities and dining and retail experiences) for daytrip visitors • Reinforce the presence of major surf retailers in Burleigh Heads • Beautification and public artworks in and along the Esplanade and in the shopping precinct • Provision of premium facilities and amenities that service tourists • Enhancement of tourist experiences and usage of the Burleigh Headlands • Reinforce position as surf wear and equipment retail centre Threats • Loss of the retail strip shopping Degradation of the Burleigh Headlands and adjacent beaches • Competition between tourists and local residents for infrastructure (particular housing) and open space • Traffic congestion • Undersupply of car parking • High rise re-development of Burleigh Headlands and Ridge G o l d C o a s t C i t y C o u n c i l ’ s To u r i s m S t r a t e g y 68 Part 3 Strategic Destination Development The easily accessible Burleigh Heads National Park and scenic vantage points on the headlands remain significant tourism assets for this area G o l d C o a s t C i t y C o u n c i l ’ s To u r i s m S t r a t e g y 69

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