Supichaya Fuangdokmai 5924765232 Write

Supichaya Fuangdokmai 5924765232 Write

Supichaya Fuangdokmai
Write: Hospitality comparison-contrast restaurants
McDonald’s vs Burger King
McDonald’s and Burger King offer a huge variety of hamburgers, salads, and desserts, but they are both known because of their cheeseburger. Although they are similar. McDonald’s and Burger King; they have evident differences in their food and provide quicker service.

McDonald’s and Burger King are famous; most people perceive them just as the same fast food restaurant with different names. McDonald’s hamburger weighs less than Burger King’s. Burger King’s beef is 100% pure and they flame-bolls their burgers, While McDonald’s fries their beef. There are also many differences that can be seen in the service of the two restaurants. “The food will be always hot,” is the slogan pertaining to the service policy of McDonald’s. I tasted cheeseburger Burger King smell the flame-broiled fragrant and cheese, melted in the mouth. Similarly, I tasted cheeseburger McDonald’s, the memories of my childhood come flooding back the taste of that perfectly. When going to the McDonald’s restaurant, you get quality service. They concentrate more on the quality of the service than the speed with which the dishes are served. Burger King is known to provide the customer with many choices and also to provide quicker service.
In conclusion, McDonald’s is more famous than Burger King. When comparing the McDonald’s services. Service is faster than Burger King and enjoys a unique flavor. I think the Fast food is convenient, fast, and save money, but it high in fat, calories and has little or no nutritional value that could cause the health problem.

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