Summary The Journal Article A critical audit of the journal article

Summary The Journal Article A critical audit of the journal article

The Journal Article
A critical audit of the journal article: Richardson, E. V., Smith, B., & Papathomas, A. (2017), will be presented in this paper. The gym and disability: obstacles and barriers, experiences and gym facilitators for people with physical disabilities. Disability and rehabilitation, 39(19), 1950-1957.

Gaps in the Literature

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Earlier writings have neglected to represent the experience of impaired people’s experience inside the gym (Richardson et al, 2017). According to Rimmer et al (2004), other literature, rather focus on concerns like: engaging in physical activity barriers, problems encompassing passage to gyms, and a lack of awareness of the staff members when it comes to disability issues (Kehn et al, 2009)

Data Collection

Semi-organised interviews were used to gather information and data; mobile and video conferences and interviews were used when necessary (Richardson et al, 2017). For instance, a few participants asked that interviews be directed via video conferencing, enabling them to remain at home because of difficulties commuting or lack of energy. On the other hand, mobile interviews permitted the analyst to see the daily activity of the participant at the gym (Frank, 2010).


Four key topics were found to impact the participation of disabled individuals in the gym, through the conducted interviews:
• Experiencing improved health,
• Experiences of psycho-emotional abuse.
• Conflict between gym ethics and disability,
• Previous gym identity influence

(Richardson et al, 2017, p. 1952)
A variety of health advantages were experienced by participants. However, numerous barriers were experienced as well, like not being able to adjust to the social standards of gyms, harsh messages from others, limited insight of wellbeing as well as negative social cooperation. Although potential exists for the gym to be utilised as a place of advanced wellbeing, a lot more should be done to encourage a comprehensive environment.

Future Research

As indicated by Richardson et al (2017), future research should centre on the following:
• If having a health specialist with a disability would help diminish the impression of disabled individuals feeling different and out of place in the gym.
• Be of help to instructors who fear working with clients with a disability.
• Act as an optimistic inspiration
• Experiences of disabled individuals in the gym
• future research ought to consider how the outcomes and experiences of participants in this investigation could be connected in a more extensive view PHYSICAL DISABILITY IN THE GYM 1955 concerning cooperation of individuals with disabilities in community.


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