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Case: Leadership Legacy
Question 1: Think about what you thought you knew about Steve Jobs prior to reading this business case. How would you have described his leadership style?
Answer 1. Steve was CEO of Apple Inc. He was very supportive person. Steve was innovative and creative as well as always caring about another person. His leadership style was transformational because he always made products which customers wanted. He was very dedicated towards his work and responsibilities. He always considered those things which provide future benefits for their customers. He was very famous for his technical and decision-making style because he considered all drawbacks and positive points before making any decision. CITATION Lea16 l 5129 (Leadership Case Study: Steve Jobs Essay, 2016)Question 2. After reading this case, how would you describe his leadership style?
Answer 2. In early 1985, Steve was so far away from being able to manage his employees and work which resulted in Steve Jobs being removed from CEO position. After being removed from CEO position by Apple there was no decline in his dedication towards his work due to which he was able to gain a significant stock in Disney. He was very innovative and creative person due to which we considered that Steve Jobs was Charismatic leader because charismatic leader is a person who have a vision and can influence people to achieve more than expected and charismatic leaders take risk to achieve their vision, take measures to complete goals while considering other people. He also changed corporate culture and brought Apple from bankruptcy, so he was very hard working. CITATION Lea16 l 5129 (Leadership Case Study: Steve Jobs Essay, 2016)Question 3. What were you most surprised about after reading this case?
Answer 3. After reading this case we were surprised from the work attitude that Steve Jobs demonstrated. He was a perfectionist who provided customers with best quality products and services. As he was a perfectionist he expected the same from his employees. Also, its was a surprise to know that he was very rough with his employees whenever they failed to perform up to his expectations. But the employees still loved to work with Steve Jobs because of his dedication towards innovating new products and because of that he was able he was able to launch many market changing products such as Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads. He had a leadership skill and motivated other people for follow him. It was a great quality and he was able to inspire his employees to increase level of productivity. CITATION PRo161 l 5129 (P.Robbins, 2016)Question 4. Would Steve job’s leadership approach work for others? Discuss?
Answer 4. Yes, Steve job ‘s leadership style will work for leader who is looking to influence the entire organization or looking for change and to innovate new products. Steve Jobs was easily able convince other people. He was the backbone of Apple company. As change is the law of nature and to innovate you need a strong leader who can influence his followers and can make them work hard to achieve set goals. Therefore, any organization looking to excel in their filed or to gain a significant share in market through innovation and high-quality products can gain from Steve Jobs leadership style. CITATION PRo161 l 5129 (P.Robbins, 2016)References
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P.Robbins, S. (2016). Leadership Legacy. In S. P.Robbins, Fundamentals of Management (pp. 185-208). Ontario: Pearson.


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