Lines trusting her hubby will see there

Lines trusting her hubby will see there

Lines 1-40: The couple of Telemachus and Nestor ‘s boy ( Pisistratus ) at last come upon the great and brilliant sign of the zodiac ( in Sparta ) of Lord Menelaus and his married woman Helen, known from the Iliad as she started the war by “ being stolen ” by the King of Troy, Paris ) . They are hosting a dual nuptials banquet for the matrimonies of their boy and girl.Lines 83-123: As Telemachus makes this remark, Menelaus takes the compliment, yet rebukes it as he tells the narrative of how he wandered in suffering conditions for many old ages in parts runing from Egypt to the Fertile Crescent. But so his voice is filled with emotion as he recounts the fellow soldiers, friends and best friend ( Odysseus ) during this period in his life. He comments that all must hold heard this narrative now, of Odysseus ‘ courage and how his boy and married woman must still mourn and lose him every twenty-four hours.

Lines 123-158: Hearing this Telemachus is at one time both relieved and profoundly saddened. He is relieved because he has found a adult male who was close friends with his male parent and who may hold the best opportunity of giving him information refering his male parent ; but by another point he is saddened because this means his male parent must still be alive and has truly suffered these last 20 old ages. Menelaus ‘ married woman Helen at around this point enters the room with a really expansive entryway, and sits to dine with the new invitees. Helen, recognizing that Telemachus must be emotional for a ground makes the connexion and realizes that this male child must be the boy of Odysseus himself.

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She makes this remark out loud trusting her hubby will see there is more to this narrative than it seems.Lines 123-158: Menelaus now besides seeing the connexion between Odysseus and Tele realizes the boy of one of his best friends is dining in his house, Pisistratus explains why they have sought the king out and they lament together how much Odysseus ‘ loss has cost everyone from friends to household. And how much the war in general has cost all of them.

They weep together.Lines 158-330: Menelaus suggests they postpone the suggestion until forenoon yet the group still negotiations of Odysseus ‘ rise and autumn, yet without emotion ( thanks to a drug that Helen gives the travellers which makes it impossible to experience emotion towards something. ) Helen negotiations of how superb Odysseus was in his portion in the Trojan War. She tells of how clever he was masking himself as a mendicant and how his thought of the wooden Equus caballus was an thought like none other. The king himself supports all she says and adds how courageous and cunning Odysseus was. It is clear the male monarch and Odysseus were really good friends at one clip.

Lines 330- 668: In the forenoon Menelaus sits with Telemachus and asks him why he has come, Telemachus explains how the Suitors have come to shack at his male parent ‘s place and invariably hassle his female parent and himself. Hearing this makes Menelaus outraged, his is astounded by one manus that anyone could be so disrespectful to the household of Odysseus and by the other manus cognizing these facts highly outrages him. He so recounts his clip after the Trojan War to Tele. He was besides lost excessively for a great many old ages in parts of sou’-west Asia and northern Africa. In order to derive information he needed to capture “ the Godhead old adult male of the sea ” and to adhere him. This so he did and he was told the destiny of Agamemnon, Ajax and Lastly Odysseus.

He knows of where Odysseus is and relays this information to Tele. Telemachus is greatly shaken by this information yet is pleased to hear his male parent is existent and is besides alive. The male monarch offers him many excessive gifts but Tele declines them all eventually merely taking an ornate commixture bowl. And so Telemachus and Pisistratus prepare to go back with this new information.Lines 668-901: Meanwhile, the Suitors at Odysseus ‘s place contemplate when Telemachus will return from his ocean trip to Pylos.

Finally they start recognizing that his journey was far more than it seemed and that there was a opportunity that he might be successful in his venture in happening his male parent. Penelope hears this information by word of her amah and is highly distressed by it. Her made so confesses to holding known of Tele ‘s ocean trip and Tells Penelope she should go forth her boy entirely and non worry because he will be safe on his manner back. All the same Athena sends a “ apparition ” of Penelope ‘s sister, Iphthime, to do certain her hurt is put to ease. Iphthime ( Athena ) tells Penelope non to worry, because the goddess ( Athena ) will steer, function and protect Telemachus on his journey back and do certain that he returns safely and rapidly. And when he does return she will do certain he is safe signifier the Suitor ‘s vice-like appreciation as good.

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