Student: Sr. Lawa Mauloko, Melyana
August 31, 2018
Worksheet 2: “Mission Amidst Different and Diverse Cultures and Religions in Contemporary Times”
The main arguments of the author:
The author talked about the new world of interconnectivity; people are now connected to one another from different background which needs the movement towards the correlation and movement towards the difference through dialogue and mutual understanding.
The author spoke about the way of witnessing the Gospel in the new world of post modernity, the globalization, and plurality among the great religions. The author challenge us to go beyond and construct something new for our future mission and to participate in God’s work without forgetting that God is the model and He is a missionary.

Mission today is to be approcable rather than untouchable. To be inclusive rather than to be exclusive. It is moving toward others, to be friend with the people in our active action as well as in our silence action.
The article is relevant today because it talks about the current realities of our world; the issues that affect and develop some aspects of our life today. It is also relevant because it gives such a light of understanding for the missionaries in what, where, and how to do in the work of missionary among the other religions and in this contemporary times. In the other word, this article can help us to translate our way of bringing the Gospel to others accordingly.

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We can promote the ideas of the author by changing our perspective towards others and change our mind and understanding about the new task of being and doing mission. As the author said: our model of mission is affected by global currents, so we are called to be able to read the sign of our world today and to do something new which can answer the need of the new world.
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What do I like best about my culture? Why?
Several values about the culture of Indonesia which I think are the best are the values that are pictured in the ideology of Indonesia: Pancasila (Five Principles). The Five Principles for me are the best from Indonesian culture because it represented the Indonesian value as a big nation among other countries in the world and we valued them since the beginning from one generation to another generation in Indonesia.

The concepts of the Five Principles are the practice of pluralism. Indonesian people accept, respect and understand the diversity; as higlighted in our motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). It mentioned also about the freedom of beliefs of Indonesian people which accept the six official religions such as: Islam, Catholic, Protestant, Hinduism, Budhism and Cofucianism. People are free to express their belief and are encouraged to practice their religions and consider others without discriminations and to value the important of harmony and peace. Another value of the Indonesian culture is the principle of communal work or Gotong Royong. It is one of the values that Indonesian believe is important to always remain in the society. People in a group working together and help each other without ask for anything in return and this togetherness reminds them that they cannot live only by themselves. Lastly, it is the principles of discussion and consensus or Musyawarah and Mufakat. People in the society come up in a discussion in order to find out the solution of a specific problem and for the common good. Therefore, people usually avoid the selfishness. The next culture that I valued best is respect for the parents and the elderly. People from an early age are thought to respect the parents because parents provide everything that the child needs even when they are not yet born.

What do I like least about my culture? Why?
Indonesian gender ideology emphasizes men as community leaders, decision makers and mediators with the outside world, while women are considered as the backbone of the home and family values.

I choose this point as the least about the Indonesian culture because at least, the equality of gender in Indonesia are developing now. Women are trying to be equal in their right and duty.


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