Strategic finance

Strategic finance

Strategic finance
(Research project)
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Nestle company
(Past and present study)
Nestle is the largest company in the world for healthiness and human being services such as Good food, consume and wellness company (calculated by profits). The headquarter of nestle company is held in the vevey Switzerland. In the food industry Nestlé is the most trust name with high quality products .Nestle variety in production portfolio manufacture the different kind of goods such as for baby food are bottled water, chocolate, juices, Milk powder and for adult’s coffee, dairy to health care and games Nourishment early on in the Nestle nutrition is the central part of its business. In the terms of company annual reports. Nestle has provide the employment to the people concerning 340,000 in overall 196 country and further than 450 factory and factories are operational in other than 86 countries in entire world. Nestle company Employees by geographic area are; 28.0% in Europe (10,175 employees in Switzerland in 2013), 32.5% in America and 39.5% in Asia. Factories are in number in the world many countries about 140 in Europe about 160 in America and 143 in Asia Oceania and Africa 24. Nestle has the shareholders in worldwide which participate in the company total strength has more than 250,000. These are belong to different countries such as ( 42% Swiss,22% US citizen 10% British 8% French and 5% German) .

These are the essential Nestle value and morality is following…
Nestle has the long term improvement and small term profit
Continue the link and commitment
Respectively for and combining with many different cultures.

Proper conduct and ethical values as basic requirements for management and employees.

Acknowledgment that consumers justify information about the products they obtain and the company after the brand name
Nestle is the developing phase in entire world. Launching the new goods in every pace and also get a competitive advantage through the new products launching in the market and also through the strategy.

Nestle Mission is the (Good Food Good Life) which provide the well nutrition for infant and adults and the beverages.

Nestle idea is the become the nearly all most important company in the world during the products and as long as the benefits utmost to the workers and the shareholders
2. Methodology of the study
The article is prepared on the basis of secondary data of Nestle. in the course of the internet websites and already published article and a lot of research information and used way of pull together the information through staff of nestle and wholesales and departments somewhere they provide the products
3. Objective of the study
The purpose of the study is to give details to know about the production formation of the nestle company
The purpose of the research about nestle is to explain the present and past position of special food and beverages and other goods At the primary stage of the Nestle we have study about the the past market formation and making a strategies basic principles of the Nestle company.
We will focal point on the learn Nestle current Mission, Vision goal and strategy of company. Nestle has the some Corporate social Responsibility activities (CSR) so that it create a creating a shared values.
We have study about the horizontal different departments which includes in the Nestle company so these are General Management Finance and control, Human resource management ,supply chain management where products are deliver from the point of origin to point of consumption and marketing sector they will make advertisement and promotion the products in whole world. We have also tinted the efficiency and success of working capital management system and food market for Nestle.
4. Short History of Nestle.

In 1849 Henri Nestle (10 august-7 July 1890) a German pharmacist, set up his laboratory in the small Swiss city of the vevey on the coast of lake Geneva, Switzerland and the company was found by Henri Nestle in 1867
First of all he manufacture a food and launch in the market ferine lactee that was the mixture of cow milk, wheat flour and the sugar which the world first baby food in the market. This food provides the healthy nutrients for baby and save the lives of young babies. He work more on the food for babies such as milk based food whose mother could not serve his baby. His ultimate goal helped to combat the problem of infant mortality due to malnutrition
5. Market structure of Nestle
Market composition of the nestle is the globalize. it is not a specific brand for a specific country it is specific brand for all over the world and nestle has recognized more than 450 factories in dissimilar countries for the manufacture of a foodstuffs. And nestle has provide the service in millions of the people its business is going in 196 countries.

6. Mission, Vision and objective and strategies of Nestle.

The mission of Nestle is as follows:
Get better the fitness of people as good food and healthy foods
• As “good quality Food, superior Life” is the mission of Nestle
The vision of the Nestle Company is as fellow…
Acknowledgment in the world as a market most important brand and Goodness
To stay alive and important the make competitive food in the world
To construct the respected and reliable principal food, beverage, nutrition, health and Goodness. Company ensuring extensive-term sustainable and profitable growth.
To recover profit and earning more for shareholders.

The purpose of the company is as fellow..To produce long-term sustainable value intended for the shareholders if their behavior, strategy and operations are also creating value for the communities
as long as the food to consumer justified quality foods and beverages gratify the customer’s necessities and belief
To develop secure and wholesome packaged foods by means of the most well-organized
The strategies of the company are fellows that…
To recommend exclusive products to the consumer as creation the loyalty for the variety.
To create a relationship with the customers as brand recognition.
To develop the products to invest in Research & development R&D is the more important factors
To sustain the innovation as get changes new things in products & renovation
For the terms of products to the customers as all kinds ..Conclusion
In the study of nestle company we have found that the using of present in nestle increasing the market strategies as gradually progression in future. Nestle main purpose is that get better the lives of people through the knowledge base nutrition food and services and the quality of life for people with the specific nutritional needs.

It is always very careful for infant nutrition, healthcare nutrition and performance nutrition. It produces foods with different culture, different geography, different wants, tastes, flavor and habits that all consumers eat and drink. It does not discriminate on the basis of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender or age. It is not involved with politics in any country. In the 150- year life of Nestlé, its essential move toward to business has been the manufacture of long-term sustainable worth for our consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, and society as a whole. Nestlé, as global company that has many known brands, have good promise to create a permanent market in world. Company has a wide diversity of suppliers and customers that are based on trust and long-term relationships..


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