Parents are concern about their child safety in school. School shootings are the center of our Nation. It has been devastating to watch the news of young kids dying at the hands of a gun. The community is calling for action of changes to protect educators and students against violence in schools. To save lives, they must strengthen gun laws, improve school security, and communicate with our kids.
“Since the year 2010, there have been approximately 54 schools shooting incidents in the United States”, said (JeeHae, 2013). Having a stricter gun law will prohibit the ability to purchase a gun. By taking the necessary approach will eliminate guns getting into the wrong hands. Every buyer should have a background check, fingerprint, and mandatory training certification to carry a firearm. However, without going through the proper procedures no one should be able to carry a firearm around especially, if you have committed a crime, have a criminal record, and/or failed a background check.
The students are expressing the fear of their safety. They should feel secure going to school knowing they are safe. There should be safety measurements in place such as an emergency plan if threats occur. The staff needs to be trained, whereas they know how to defuse a crisis beforehand. It can begin by simply adding metal detectors and more cameras around the school. Metal detectors can be a huge advantage to prohibit any weapons from coming into the school. The cameras will locate and identify any active activity taken place.
Most kids feel disconnected from their parents and/or their peers whereas, discussing their problems on social media. Maybe if asking your child how their day is going he/she will open for communication. It is important to understand we are living in this day of time when kids are getting shot in a place where you would think it is the safest. Parents must pay more attention to what their kids are watching and thinking. Unfortunately, parents must keep track of the activities their child are posting and watching on social media. This is not only for our safety, but theirs as well.
As you can see, school shootings are an ongoing matter in America. We send our kids to school to learn and instead we understand the devastation. As a result, parents, educators, and students are demanding changes, because of all lives matter. Parents know with stricter gun laws, improving school security, and communicating with our kids can make them feel safe and eager to learn. By taking the necessary approach will not only stop violence in our schools but potentially save a life.

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