Statement of Purpose My warmest greetings to the respected Sir/Madam reading this

Statement of Purpose My warmest greetings to the respected Sir/Madam reading this

Statement of Purpose

My warmest greetings to the respected Sir/Madam reading this. I am Aditya Karkera, a final year Business Management student from SDM Mangalore, India. I am writing this personal statement in the hope of pursuing a Master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at your distinguished university.

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I have always been very curious and eager to learn new things. I did my schooling at Sharada Vidyalaya, which is affiliated to the Central board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and I have completed my standard 10th with 8 CGPA i.e. 74%. Apart from my academics, I was also into sports and extracurricular activities such as football, cricket, table tennis and swimming. My complete involvement in these activities has taught me how to manage my time and prioritize various tasks and commitments. It helped me build my self esteem, master new skills and also taught me teamwork. I am thankful to my parents who gave me the opportunity to explore these diverse interests so that I would discover what I was passionate about. Since my early childhood days, I have been a bright and a hardworking student. Being part of a family that was into the field of Engineering and Business, I was offered a variety of choices and I got into one of the top Pre-University colleges in my state i.e. Mahesh Pre-University College. After that, I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (BBM) at SDM college of Business and Management. Business was something that I was fond of since my childhood. It’s been my dream to become a leading industrialist in my country. My sole purpose in life is to make my parents proud, and to do that I need to explore and learn more about my options.

During my holidays, my father never let me stay at home knowing that I would waste my time. He used to take me with him to his factory and it is there where I gained my practical knowledge. He always told me that sitting in an air conditioned office the entire day would never get the job done. Whereas being with them, working with them and making them work always gives the best output to the company. I worked in my father’s factory: mainly in the production department, during my holidays, and I had the best time there learning about the production, warehousing and transportation of the finished goods. Working alongside the workers and communicating with them helped me to understand them better. Also they shared their ideas on how to improve the production with less wastage of raw materials. I learned a lot from them as time went by and that is what my father ultimately wanted. Having the practical skills and knowledge would only help me grow in my coming future. Thus making me conclude, I want to pursue something that has a blend of Discipline, Industry, Business and Management.

I aspire to pursue M.S. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management due to my strong interest in the Industrial sector. It is well known that Supply Chain Management is an integral part to the success of a company and with my prior knowledge with certain subjects at my bachelor’s level, this program will be a great upgrade to my knowledge and also to pursue my dream of being a leading industrialist in my home country. The M.Sc. program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Northumbria University, is more than perfectly tailored for my knowledge quests and the demands of the ever-changing Business industry.

It would be an honor to be educated and receive my graduation degree from your esteemed university. I will work very hard and give my best no matter how challenging the environment is. Interacting with a diverse cultural group promises to provide an international experience and growth. I aspire to emerge with a clear sense of direction and purpose, equipped in every way to straddle a global society and leave my mark on the global scene.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in the refusal of my admission and/or student visa application.


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