Statement of Purpose for Australia Study visa

Statement of Purpose for Australia Study visa

Statement of Purpose for Australia Study visa (subclass – 500)
Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, whose great variety makes it very interesting area of working. Knowing that you have made someone happy is such a delightful feeling. This represents the main reason why I am attracted to the hospitality industry. I am Randeep Singh, DOB: 05-09-1997. Passport Number: P3169632, writing this letter of statement in concern of my student visa application under visa subclass- 500. In this letter of statement, I am going to mention about my past, present and future prospects. However, to get the best out of myself in my desired field I got myself enrolled for Certificate III in commercial cookery, Certificate IV in commercial cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management at Australian Tertiary Institute, Australia.
Family Background: My father, Mr. Kuldeep Singh is an agriculturist by profession who owns 14 acre of ancestral land and earns an annual income of 1287000INR. My father is known for his discipline and hardworking nature. He has supported me in my decision of studying from Australia as he understands well about the value of education in today’s world.

My mother, Mrs. Kulwinder Kaur, is a pillar of support for our family. She has always managed our house smoothly even when my father was away, in his work responsibilities. She made me independent and taught us the benefits of having an honest and upright character. She has also maintained savings in the form of fixed deposits in State Bank of India of 1346000INR and 920000INR respectively for my need during my need to achieve higher education.

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Academically, I have maintained a very good record throughout my schooling years. I have completed my year 10 studies in the year of 2015, scoring 73.16 % marks. In 2017, I chose Humanities stream to study in my senior secondary qualification with Home Science as my top scorer subject in which I scored 84% marks, whereas my overall score in grade 12 was 74.6%. I have scored so well in this subject just because it was my interest based. After completing my senior secondary qualification from Mata Gujri Senior Secondary School, I discussed with my parents for my interests in cooking and hospitality to which they encouragingly boasted me to study what I am interested in.
As I have always dreamt of studying abroad and belonging from the city Patiala, which has turned into a hub for the students who wants to study abroad, I have always felt intrigued to know the cause that why students aren’t studying in their home country. I had found out the causes after all my research and have seen some major shortcomings in our Indian Education system. Being in a student’s shoes, I can easily see the necessity of studying a worth education where one can easily emphasize on practical and theoretical knowledge. In my opinion, I feel there is no point studying only bookish language for a student without implementing their skills practicality. Absenteeism of industrial trainings after theoretical study makes a student stick to one agenda only. The present situation of Indian Education is complex and challenging. With the increase in population, there has been flow of students seeking admission in good colleges. Universities are only concerned about the grades. Even having the best education facilities, I feel there are certain flaws in our teaching methodologies which needs to be improvised. In consequences to all my research, I got more determined and firm on my decision of studying from an international education provider and thus, knowing the mandatory requirement of having English proficiency, I appeared for IELTS on 09th September, 2017. In my IELTS test, I scored overall band score of 6.0 with 6.0 in Listening, 5.5 in Reading, 6.0 in Writing and 5.5 in Speaking.
Now I was at the hardest point of choosing a best education provider and best foreign country to start up my educational career. To begin with my research for this, I firstly took help of the internet. During this time, I searched and came as a first result on internet was Switzerland and Australia for hospitality courses. Some top ranked colleges in Switzerland which I checked online are mentioned below:

? Business ; Hotel Management School (B.H.M.S):
Bachelor Degree in Hotel ; Hospitality Management:
First year Diploma-20100/ Second year Diploma-21100/Third year Bachelor Degree-22100 = Total 63300 Swiss Francs
? Culinary Arts Academy:
Advance Certificate-64850/Higher Diploma-42800/Bachelor degree-42800 = Total 150,450 Swiss Francs

I was happy to research for the course curriculum as each segment year covers different detailed units as per needed but what came as a shock to me was the currency rate for Swiss franc, one Swiss franc equivalents to 69.03INR. It means that one year fee is equal to 1945800INR which is way too expensive as my estimated budget for studies.
Along with the research of Switzerland, I also went through education system of Canada. The colleges of Canada with the course details I have searched are given as:
• School of hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, Scarborough, ON
Course fee for one year: CAD 12000
( )

• Canadian food and wine institute, Niagara-on-the-lake, ON
Course fee for one year: CAD 11750
( )

After my complete research on these countries, I realized that the fee structures, living expenses of these countries are quite higher than Australia. Other than Expensive education Cost, the course duration is also high than Australian Institution. Canada and Switzerland are offering the same study program with the duration of three years. Without any second thought, I decided to study in Australian Tertiary Institute among my researched colleges of Australia.
Among all the nations, I decided to study in Australia to pursue my higher education. Studying hospitality and cookery course in Australia will prepare me for the global market with recognized skills. This country has gained immense pride for the Quality of education services and Support. Every Hospitality College has well equipped professional kitchens for the Student training. Student who come to Australia for higher studies, Count it as satisfactory period. This country has all everything for every student. Wide range of courses, digital learning tools, Practical exposure and future recognition make Australia an ideal place to study.

Australia is well known for its culinary culture due to mixture of international flavours. It is the second most preferred destination after Switzerland to study professional cookery and hospitality management. Every year thousands of international students from all across the world choose to come to Australia to pursue cookery and hospitality courses at both graduate and post graduate levels. Students who completed hospitality degree in Australia have boundless opportunities. From restaurants to travel agencies, to hotels and resorts, hospitality degree holders enjoy full array of job openings in the vast industries of travel and hospitality.
Without getting more confused and wasting time, I searched for Australian Institutes and suitable courses that would help me learn the skills and management within a suitable duration in my desired field of study and interest.

After comparing these colleges in terms of fee structure, duration and choice of course, I finalized Australian Tertiary Institute to start up my educational career conveniently from Australia.
Australian Tertiary Institute, Australia
Australian Tertiary Institute is an Australian Government registered education provider. The Australian Tertiary Institute is committed to provide with the highest quality in education and training to prepare anyone to be the future leaders in one’s chosen field of study. Conveniently located in the City of Armadale within the Perth Metropolitan Region of Western Australia, the Australian Tertiary Institute occupies a modern educational building. It is equipped with some of the most innovative teaching and learning facilities, preparing one to be employable upon graduation or progress in one’s university studies. With the state-of-art facilities, friendly student support team and dedicated trainers, the Australian Tertiary Institute will provides with a truly enjoyable and quality learning environment. I will have the opportunity of experiencing a real workplace environment where I can participate, contribute and interact with industry-experienced trainers to gain current industry skills, relevant to my future careers or university studies.
I have seen on the website of the college that ATI offers nationally accredited courses consisting of Business, Management, Commercial Cookery and Hospitality, in which I have selected Certificate III in commercial cookery, Certificate IV in commercial cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management to study further.
My proposed program study course will provide me an overview of cookery units on a commercial scale and a detailed aspect of service and hospitality industry. This qualification is known for great opportunities, skills and knowledge. Having completed this course I will be developed with reliable ability to:
? Provide fundamental culinary preparation and presentation for a variety of food service environments using a range of classical and contemporary techniques.
? Apply basic food and bake science to food preparation to create a desired end product.
? Apply fundamental business principles and recognized industry costing and control practices to food service operations to promote a fiscally responsible operation
? Apply basic knowledge of sustainability, ethical and local food sourcing, and food security to food preparation and kitchen management, recognizing the potential impacts on food production, consumer choice and operations within the food service industry.
? Use technology, including contemporary kitchen equipment, for food production and promotion.
? Perform effectively as a member of a food and beverage preparation and service team and contribute to the success of a food-service operation by applying self-management and interpersonal skills.
With all the developed skills and knowledge gained through my proposed course, I am sure that I can become a professional who can work as an Assistant Catering Manager in India who is responsible for administrative and supervisory work in retail food service. It even involves marketing, and planning of catered events in food service. Also an assistant catering manager needs to undertake activities and decisions are varied in nature, requiring independent action and judgment in solving common problems and also develop ideas that will have a positive effect on existing procedures, methods, services, and programs. The work is performed under the general direction of the Catering Manager and is evaluated through observation of results and customer reaction.

After learning and gaining experience on the very start up base, I can even open up my own catering unit in long term like in pubs ; clubs, hotels, meeting managements, casinos, cruise lines etc. wherever a good food ; beverage service is required. These units provide real good value to its surrounding community residents and target customers and at the same time guests can enjoy their service.

The expected salary in the respective profession will be around 4.5 LPA – 5.50 LPA. This is a very decent start and with the gain in experience I can move to better businesses and earn better. I also have the option of starting up my own venture after gaining knowledge about the market and customer needs.
The Hospitality Industry has taken the world by a storm. It has a large place to accommodate skillful job seekers. The advent of globalization has made it more than possible and the companies more ready to employ more and more budding students. Also, this industry employs more professionals than almost any other. Within the field, there is a staggering array of different jobs and a wide variety of work settings that employ people at resorts, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and essentially anywhere that people dine and lodge. And, the demand for F;B Manager in hospitality industries of India is comparatively very high.

I am well aware of the Australian Student Visa Conditions, I need to fulfil after grant if visa.
? I must have valid health insurance cover throughout my stay in Australia.
? I must maintain the financial eligibility. This means I should have enough funds to support my living and education expenses.
? I cannot work for more than 40 hrs in a fortnight as per student work rights.
? In case of change of address, I must inform the college authorities as well as the embassy within 7days.
? I must fulfill the college requirement of attendance and academic scores.
I hope that my thorough research and hard work to build a successful career will help you understand my point of view. I will look forward to a positive response from your end.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Randeep Singh


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