Starting with

Starting with

Starting with, the huge increase in the costs of universities are starting to seriously turn off potential customers. For the past five years the aggregate college enrollments have fallen. Rising college costs and stagnant benefits have led more persons to ask if college is worth it, or will college investment it give me a good return? While many college administrators and professors decry it, most Africans go to college primarily to enhance the probability of vocational success. As enrollments have grown faster than the number of good high paying jobs, more students are unemployed, suggesting we have overinvested in higher education. For example of late in our country recently young people with Qualification of Bachelor’s degree have been seen on streets with flyers on their hands printed their names and Bachelors qualification begging for a job. This is due to hard times young people are going through to get a job with their higher education certificates.
2.2 Tuition Price Inflation
The vast increase in student financial aid has caused much of the tuition price inflation and has reduced a distinctive advantage of universities. Their diversity, competitiveness, and freedom from central direction. The evidence is clear that much of student aid ends up supporting higher tuition fees, benefiting universities and their staffs more than students. Regulations like the “bursary” so on with respect to help students in schooling ends up in “people’s pockets” hence very little reaching the student and barely enough for the purpose intended.
2.3 Poor Earnings
The value of a college degree as a device to signal knowledge, intelligence, discipline, ambition, and integrity is fraying, jeopardizing the economic advantages of a university education. The earnings advantage of college graduates relative to high school diploma holders is not rising as previously, as employers find that too many college graduates lack the positive distinctive qualities they want in new employees. Too many students of meager academic performance attend college; grade inflation allows nearly everyone to graduate who persists. The prestige elite schools are increasing viewed as altogether. Vedder, R. July 26, 2018: Author at Minding the Campus.
2.4 Higher Education is all about Certificate
Higher education is all about “the papers”. This have been the slogan with all young people who are undertaking higher education courses meaning all I need after all is the certificate as it is the one needed at the job interview to prove am good. This is making many students to read for the exams and not gaining the skills hence, poor skills at job place while the workers handling the tasks are graduates. This is arising alarm to many firms to an extent that companies are taking their workers for training for specifics that looking out for a graduate with such qualifications. This have led to many being unemployed as they are not fit for the job for they did not prepare adequate for the same.
2.5 Unfair Hiring
The “who and whose” have made the higher education an investment not worth. All am referring to here is the employer’s connection to who to hire for the job and not merit and character. This has made many graduates who are good for the job to lose the opportunity due to this vice. This is expressed through tribalism; hiring on basis of ones tribe, favourism; hiring on basis of your own interest, nepotism; hiring people because you are related to them. This vice have made graduates feel higher education overrated.
2.6 Wrong Motives When Selecting Courses
Bad choice in course selection has also made higher education overrated. Students nowadays are selecting courses in terms of who paying it is in the job market and hence many students end up selecting certain courses in big numbers and by the time they graduate they are more than the job market can hold leading to unemployment and frustrations to the students. Other chooses courses according to choice of their parents, relatives or guardian as they are promised a job in their respective companies.(Altbach,2015) They end up leaving what they were good at and taking other interest in guarantee of a job. After two years of study they end up dropping out the course due to hardship in understanding the concepts of what they had no interest in.
2.7 New Approaches to Be Certified
There much cheaper approaches to certifying vocational competence are on the horizon that offer an existential threat to the normal or older system in education market. Already, more and more students are taking courses and sometimes whole degrees on-line, bypassing the expensive non-academic expenses that most universities impose on their students: high room and board charges, fees to support intercollegiate athletics and other extraneous things. State and private schools with indifferent to poor reputations are increasingly in a big way hence students preferring new forms of certifying.
2.8 Incompetence learning
Poor teaching methods, limited time in training and teaching have become more of commercial thing. Lecturers and professors in higher education facilities today are busy running from one institution to another and idea now is for them to have many classes per day and not how good the students are understanding the concept leaving students exposed to existence of something but can’t explain how it works or operates. This has lowered skill ability of students from higher education facilities compared to those on vacation schools. Students still are not willing to study throughout the semester so you find that most student don’t avail themselves to classes but they sent their fellow student to sign for them. But during exams they are available and that makes them to fail in their exams and start complaining yet they are the ones who are wrong.
Most students are not serious in academic, like you find that a student who had a good grade in high school he/she joins university and changes due to lifestyle she finds it in the university and that’s makes them to forget what made them to came to university is to study not to show how good they are in clubbing or fashion. And that makes them to forget about the background were they came from.


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