With of GMC cars with driving directions, car

With of GMC cars with driving directions, car

With the growing deviant behavior around the country, law enforcement has developed 21st century surveillance techniques and methods.

Now people are continually monitored to keep the public in check and obey the laws of the state. The government can supervise citizens with a new speed monitoring technology replacing highway patrol officers. In addition to speed cameras, car manufacturers have developed an On-star system, can assist motorists who need directions, have car troubles, or even order flowers for a loved one.

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The ingenious system that takes individual pictures of every car that passes an operational camera and then proceeds to calculate the speed at which the vehicle is traveling at the time of the photograph. This new way of apprehending speeders causes apprehension for some drivers, fear in others, and even disgust for some owners.The automated ticket surprises people when casually opening their mail. It gives them a reminder about the importance of following the laws even when someone thinks they are not being monitored. But the main argument surrounding the heated topic of computer-generated Highway Patrol is the unknown driver of the vehicle. The tickets are written to the owner of the vehicle, the owner is not always the driver consequently, unfairly penalizing unsuspecting people.

Personal surveillance has gained in popularity in the past couple of years. Cameras are hidden through houses, trip meters in cars record the top speed and number of miles each day, and an assistance program is installed in select automobiles. The On-star system assists owners of GMC cars with driving directions, car troubles, and theft using the global positioning system.

A private company via satellite that can access the vehicle’s location, model, and year operates this system. The technicians answering all the calls from the owners of the cars have complete access to personal information politely addressing the caller by name. This system deters criminals from stealing cars equipped with On-star because the operators can easily locate a stolen vehicle. Therefore, the police can track down the stolen car in a matter of minutes, with the help of the On-star company. It is an uncanny feeling to have an On-star technician give a driver the exact position of their vehicle.

The trip meters allow owners of a vehicle to check on other drivers of that car. By recording the date, distance traveled, and top speed of the day, the owner can monitor other driver’s aggressiveness and honesty. The on board computer also calculates for a driver the amount of fuel consumed and when it needs gasoline. This self-monitoring plays a huge part in the appeal of this new generation of automobiles.These systems are designed to keep people safe and honest.

The surveillance equipment is amazing and keeps many people on a tight leash. People are forced to make the right choice in hard circumstances. The elimination of the bad choice will continue to keep many people out of jail and out of body bags.

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