Spring nutshell, is about a bunch of

Spring nutshell, is about a bunch of

Spring Awakening Review Naomi Neal October 14, 2011 The show Spring Awakening in a nutshell, is about a bunch of kids discovering who they are and what they’re bodies are going through.

The children all experience sexual fantasies, question life, rebel, and have loads of angst. The play set in a provincial German town in the 1890s, deals with incest, suicide, sex, abuse, pregnancy, and first loves. A really inspiring play that shocked audiences with its audacity when first performed in 1917.The debut performance almost didn’t take place because the New York City Commissioner of Licenses tried to shut it down, claiming that the play was pornographic in nature. A very controversial show even today and is highly respected throughout the theatre world. 1.

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My overall visceral reaction to Spring Awakening was very surprising to me personally, because I did not expect to have such a deep emotional experience with it. When I saw the show at the Adrienne Arsht it was fantastic but it did not leave me with the feeling I had after this show.I connected much more the show this time and the actors made everything very real for me. I must say I was thoroughly impressed. 2. The playwright wants us to “take away” from the show the message that children should be allowed to express their feelings without authority crashing down on them.

To make your own independent person so that you can mature into an adult with your own outlook on life. 3. The production affected me very personally. I have NEVER cried in a show before because I have never really had an extreme connection to the content, but in the funeral scene I totally broke down.

I kept looking around to see if anyone else was crying in that scene! The whole topic of death is, for a lack of a better vocabulary word, weird. It makes you experience so many different emotions that you are not used to on a daily basis. Such strong emotions that change your views on life and the person or animal has died in particular. The emotions make you realize how selfish you have been, how big your ego has gotten, that receiving and loving others unconditionally is so much more important then the materialistic things one worries about on a normal basis. Small ego deaths occur frequently, followed by a rebirth bringing forth a new you.

Learn to celebrate these mini-deaths, as they are only preparing you for the Death of your body. If you are laughing with death at the moment you leave your body, You will have no need to return to this planet. ”—Peter Rengel. 4. The two pivotal moments that truly captured my imagination were the funeral scene and the scene where Ilse is raped by her father.The first obviously because of my connection to it, the other because I have always wanted to play the character that is a victim to rape. It’s strange I know but I have always wanted to go through that character process.

It’s so dark and really challenging and it’s a road I have never been down which as an actor I want to go down all roads possible. I started to think about how I would play that character and how I would put myself in that situation. 5.

The number “Totally Fucked” was a great number to which I really connected with.I am having trouble in school and home right now so that song showing all of the kids and adults alike releasing their anger and frustration on the world was SO CATHARTIC for me! I wanted to jump on stage and start singing it with them! They had so much energy and it was electrifying. 6. I think the directors overall concept for the performance was to show innocence being tainted by society and rules and hormones. That it’s something that cannot be controlled, and if tried will end in chaos.

7. Yes, it is very easy to see the directors overall idea with the technical aspects.The costumes for the adults representing authority, the dresses for the girls representing their youth, the suits for the boys that are somewhat grunged in someway showing rebellion, all contribute to the director’s image. The lights showing passion and the music giving life to the show also added the overall persona that the show needed to convey the directors concept.

8. I feel that the director stayed very true to the playwrights intention of indictment against authority trying to repress the natural process of a child growing up. . The technical aspects of the show were inspiring! The lights and music took rock musical to a whole new level. I really liked how all the musicians all wore black t-shirts and jeans and the whole set up was very laid-back. They played with emotion giving the songs so much more meaning. The lights were so bright and flashy and they really had an effect on the numbers as well.

Each technical aspect contributed to making it a better performance, and you can tell the actors worked a lot better with the technical things as well. 0. The only technical aspect that had a minor glitch was one of the lights for the school scenes.

It kept flickering when it wasn’t supposed too, and I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to happen or if there was a problem with it. Either way it was distracting and took away from the performance. I did see one of the actors react to the light as if it was weird, which made it seem like flickering it was done on purpose. 11. The actors did very well with making the playwright and the directors intentions real and true.

Each was very responsible with developing their characters to their full potential. Each had a very strong clear objective that was played out throughout the show. 12. One character that really stood out to me and I admired a lot was an ensemble member named Malia. She was also the piano mistress which was a very strong number for her, but she really stood out when dancing with the ensemble.

She was the only one in the ensemble I felt that really made a bold character for herself and let it show.She had this rocker attitude when she danced and she really stood out from EVERYONE in the cast in group numbers. 13. The acting beats, transitions that the characters made you could tell was something that they really worked on and applied to their work for a long time, because it was very clear of the different emotions the actors were going through.

I am always impressed when the college students talk about their character work because its so extensive and they work very hard on creating their character and why theyre character does what he/she does. 14.I loved the show and there were no aspects that did not particularly gel with me.

I thought everyone and everything was strong and every person involved really poured his or her heart and soul into this production. Because we have all been through growing up and it’s a very relatable show for everyone. 15. Spring Awakening really motivated me to get more into character work for things that I have been to afraid to try. Such as rape or being a “ larger than life character”. Because those type of characters really have the strongest effect to the plot in my opinion.

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