We It seems like bigger the bodyis

We It seems like bigger the bodyis

We see them everywhere these days, on the way to work,on the highways, parked in every driveway and hundredsof them by every shopping center.

Sports utility vehicleshave given a new meaning to the word car. When it comesto safety, SUV’s (sports utility vehicle) are by far the mostdangerous vehicles on the road, and the road is exactly theplace they should not be. Sports utility vehicles aredesigned for off road driving. It seems like bigger the bodyis on a SUV, the more popular it is; the SUV’s that we seeon the roads today are still a normal size car compared tothe coming future models. With huge bodies and very low safety features sports utilityvehicles are being used for totally wrong purposes. Theirhuge bodies make it hard for other cars to have a clearview of the road they are traveling on. It is very difficult tosee around a sports utility vehicle.

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When a vehicle likeChevrolet Suburban, Yukon, or Ford Expedition is backingup from a parking spot, may god be with the person, car,or any other object that is located behind them. The driverof these monster trucks have no low rear view at all; sportsutility vehicles might be safe to some extent but that onlyapplies to the passengers and the driver in that vehicle. TheSUV’s poor brakes and portly weight make them moredifficult to stop in rain and snow. Many people get falsesense of security from their SUV’s because they’ve beentold that SUV’s are good in snow. What they forget, is thatthey still have to stop.

Let’s say an accident was about totake place; the vehicles involved would be a Lincolnnavigator and a normal family sedan. The chances ofsurvival for the passengers in the sedan would be 4 timesless. Due to a tall chassis that the body of the vehicle ismounted on, the risk of flipping is very high.

A sports utilityvehicle is nothing but a mini van body on a 4×4-truckframe. A mini van or a full size van serves exactly the samepurpose as a sports utility vehicle does, and the vans aremuch safer, also they consume much less gasoline 270,000Chevrolet Suburban and Yukons are on recall, due toairbag problems. Second reason why SUVs are not a safe transportationvehicle is that oil today, is a natural resource that will onlylast for 45 more years. A sports utility vehicle with anengine size of 5.7 liters has a gasoline mileage equivalent totwo Toyota Camrys and one Honda Civic combined. Inorder to tow a trailer that is more than 3000 pounds, then alarge SUV is the best choice.

However if the trailer is lessthan 3000 pounds, there are many mini vans that are up tothe task. The Chevrolet venture tows 3500 pounds and thePontiac trans port tows 3000, for example. Mini vans andsome wagons have more usable space than SUVs ofcomparable size.

Interior space is sacrificed when SUVbodies are designed around truck frames or other 4WDsystems.Though few will admit it, many poseurs think that theirSUV gives them a tough, independent image instead of the”soccer mom” or “married man” image of a mini van orwagon. While this might have been true a few years agobefore this trend started, now an SUV screams “YUPPIESUBURBAN FAMILY IN A SUBURBAN” just asmuch, if not more than a mini van or wagon. If we take inconsideration why so many people prefer SUVs to anyother kind of vehicle, we will find that there is no otherreason but a simple stupid trend, which is created by autoindustries. Just when sports cars and family sedans weregetting good, the SUV craze started.

Top heavy Explorersand Pathfinders are replacing Taurus SHOs and Nissan300zxs. This regression in automotive technology ispathetic, and we hate to see this trend destroy the progressthat cars have made. If people would go by their ownneeds instead of competing with neighbor Anderson aboutwho got the biggest SUV, all the vehicles wouldn’t look thesame by every driveway.

We should admit who we are, and buy the vehicle bestsuited for our need and not based on some silly trend.Unfortunately many people are unaware of how technicallyinferior SUV’s are, strictly from engineering point of view.This would be far less outrageous if not for their high askingprices and huge profit margins.

We all would like to seegood products succeed in the marketplace and bad onesfail, not the other way around.Category: Miscellaneous

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