Sophie was sulking

Sophie was sulking

Sophie was sulking. Her mum had already yelled at her this morning because she had left her cutlery on the table after breakfast. And now she was late to college. Bad luck. That’s what she was. She ran the last two minutes to get under the shelter before the heavens opened. That was the last thing she needed right now. The first drops had just begun to fall when she noticed Elaine, her psychology tutor. A horrible woman, late forties, black hair scraped into a bun on top of her abnormally slim head. She had on a black dress that made her look even skinner than normal. Her shoulder bone was sticking out even through the dress. Sophie moved her gaze down past disgustingly thin wrists and bony fingers, knobbly knees and spindly ankles, when she noticed how close Elaine had gotten. She had been so focused on how Elaine looked, that she hadn’t realised the bitch had spotted her and stormed over. “So Sophie, I was just wondering if you could forward that memo over to me,” Confused, Sophie asked which memo that was. “You know, the one that says that your start time is now twenty-five minutes later than the rest of the students.” Oh shut up, Sophie thought. How comes adults were always the same. Teachers, tutors, shop keepers, parents. They were allowed to be smart mouthed and sarcastic and wind you up but the second you got somewhere close, you are in trouble before you can blink.


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