Some examples of the violent games that were played are Condemned 2 and Call of Duty 4

Some examples of the violent games that were played are Condemned 2 and Call of Duty 4

Some examples of the violent games that were played are Condemned 2 and Call of Duty 4. Meanwhile, some of the non-violent games played were S3K Superbike and Dirt 2. Based on the results collected, the scientists involved in the study concluded that violent video games forthrightly cause aggressive behavior (Schreier 2017).
Firstly, video games can contribute to video games addiction. According to San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Sorensen (2018), it was announced by a licensed psychologist, Dr. Sean O’Hara, that video games addiction is now a now rising problem in students. Video games addiction was mentioned to present various symptoms that were similar to that of other forms of addictions such as alcohol, drug and gambling. Based on a survey on middle and high school students that was reported by Loriggio (2016) of The Canadian Press, video games and psychological distress were discovered to be increasing on this sample group of students. The same study reported a certain percentage of the students with symptoms of the detrimental effects of video games addiction; which includes withdrawal, losing control and indifference towards repercussions. The rate of students experiencing video games addiction symptoms was reported at a rate of 13%, an increase compared to studies in previous years. Furthermore, in a news article reported by Knox (2017) for The Sun, the World Health Organization is due to assign video games addiction as a serious mental health condition under the term of “gaming disorder” by 2018.
Another reason why video games cannot be a useful learning tool is because they can contribute to a decline in students’ academic performance. For instance, a study by researchers from Brown University was conducted on children of schooling age between ages six to seventeen. The study determined that the students, who spent more time on digital platforms, with one of the instruments being video games, were reportedly spending lesser time to complete their homework and assignments. The researchers also discovered an unfavorable result that the children who spent more time playing video games were displaying an overall smaller interest in learning. Other than that, the researchers also studied the students on some study-related markers such as “caring about doing well in school” and “showing interest and curiosity in learning new things”. The results of the study have proven that for every increase of two hours in the usage of video games, the students were impacted on the study-related markers as mentioned (Stirlin 2016). Consequently, a research done by several researchers at Walsh University was conducted to investigate the connection between the usage of video games and the school performance of students ranging from elementary-age to college-age. Through the survey-based research that had been performed, the college-age students who reportedly spent more than 50 hours a week on video games, also correlatively reported a lower mean grade point average (GPA) by a median of 0.19 points when compared to their peers who reportedly spent less than 50 hours playing video games in a week (Weaver et al. 2013).
In conclusion, it is displayed through the several factors as listed and explained above that although video games can improve memory, they still cannot be a useful learning tool due to the fact that video games can cause video games addiction and a decline in students’ academic performance. Therefore, students in various education levels should be careful and mindful when playing video games to avoid the problems that have been pointed out, because video games can and have proven to be potentially detrimental to studies.


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