Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology
(Proposed Solution)

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In today’s life smart home appliances becoming more popular because it interacts with our daily activities in an efficient manner. Smart home technology connects and controls user’s home devices by making a network. One important advantage is that users can effectively access from remote place to his home by using this device. I choose this topic because I believe; Smart home technology will give more comfort in security issues of users. 1
Previous work:
The smart house is one of the important imperative mind that analysts have committed each time and cash to introduce and develop it. Smart house structures are growing of current decades due to the fact advanced technologies are ancient among making the smart house, such as smart phones or sensors 6. Researcher and developer are proposed different type of smart technology such as smart home using Arduino smart house monitoring and control etc. However, still smart house have some limitation in terms of designing the smart home design such as it too harder to using equipment and, less feature, more costly etc. The according is an explanation now I am discusses some of the previous work.

Smart homes using Arduino microcontroller, sensors, and an interface which is connected to the Internet have been proposed in 5. The sensors are utilized according to quantity the light concentrated, and control the entryways or windows (lock/unlock). The nearly components about the framework have been a computer, a desirable entryway switch, an Arduino microcontroller, then sensors. The attractive entryway change or a photo resistor are related in accordance with the analog input over Arduino as execute stand modified by way of means regarding USB. The downsides regarding the case are so a pc is utilized which might increase the fetched of the framework. Besides, Author is not given any details information about the frame work how it is works.5

Erol, Y., et. al. in has presented a smart house system by using a PIC16F84A microcontroller-based remote control system 9. The purpose of the paper describe how to controlled electricity using mobile phone. Using pin number the framework is that when the client enters the pin numbers, the controller, which may be a PIC microcontroller-based remotely control circuit, will check the pin number after that you can access it. If the pin number is correct then user can controlled by via telephone line or mobile phone. The advantage of the framework is that non-authorized people cannot utilize this system. But the problem is that it’s too complex when you are using this system and also you have to remember the pin number to use this system 9.

Smart house system based on Bluetooth wireless technology has been presented by Sriskanthan et al. in 7. User can monitor and controlled different device using Bluetooth same Author Alkar et al. in also wrote a smart house that can be controlled by using wireless network. 8. But the overall the overview of this 2 paper then I saw that design monitoring and controlling device at home, and this device are very expensive and if you thing about developing country then it’s not good in developing country.

After my literature review I get some idea and if I am going to implementing this project then before I need to face various different engineering challenge and programming and printed circuit board design, Wi-Fi, web server and other components.

Fig 1: Smart Home Architecture

The function of the overall software:
The usage of various equipment parts is important to give the usefulness that will I discuss future. Behind the intricate equipment associated with controlling the smart home undertaking, there is a considerable measure of software architecture that is in charge of driving the equipment parts. Each and every equipment has different functional requirements. Functionalities of the product included are as following:
• Some input sensors (motion, temperature, current and so on )
• Maintain a web server running on Raspberry Pi
• And some relay.

Hardware function:
In my system server controls various hardware device. Hardware features as follows that stepper motors are responsible for temperature closing or closing air dampers. And another sensor measuring the temperature on the room and also current occupancy. And current measuring sensor responsibility is that send to report to the server. And the relay and other Wi-Fi is connected to the server.3
Software function:
Raspberry Pi based on Linux operation system. In my smart home system if u see that top of the fig: 1 diagram then we can easily understand what’s going on in the software system have an only application on to my server so I can access it from anywhere and also check and collected all the information to via a different kind of sensor, various application is located at the home and all are connected to the controller and all the information are saved in the embedded system such as web server. For example, User working on adjusting room temperature from outside. To control temperature outside from home, the following methodology can be used. Suppose a user wants to adjust his room temperature to a comfortable level. To do this at first, the user needs to instruct unique server software to do this adjustment. From home appliance section, the user can select increase/decrease temperature to a specific level. According to the user’s instruction, the server then sends a signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then transmits a signal to room sensor to increase/decrease temperature. Whenever room temperature is adjusted to user’s demand, sensor then sends a signal to the microcontroller to update the status of the server. After receiving the status from modular, servers then showing the current status of room temperature and can easily see the current temperature. This above way, the user can be notified from the server that room temperature is adjusted to a specific level.

Now smart home is more than just a home ascendency by the central rating until like a computer. With smart homes, the way people live will conspicuously become more efficient and comfortable. All the time, our habitation can be preserved from home automation, so we will have much time to work on other pursuits. However, smart home technology is a good cull for people who care about security and comfort but energy preserving as well. In future, I can also be expanding this project to control additional features to include, voice controlled and more.

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