Discrimination traits create others’ views of Jamal.

Discrimination traits create others’ views of Jamal.

Discrimination takes place all the time. Slumdog Millionaire shows discrimination in all shapes and forms. Physical attributes and measurable attributes is the basis of stereotyping.

Physical attributes include race, gender, and religion. The measurable attributes would be how educated one is, how much someone makes a year, and their age. Slumdog Millionaire shows how all of these traits are interrelated to create the ultimate image that the other characters portray Jamal (the main character in the movie) as. Jamal was born and raised in India.Unfortunately, Jamal was stuck with the cards he was dealt and they were not anywhere near the best. Jamal was born into a poor family and was ranked low on the hierarchy. He was a poor Muslim who received a limited amount of education.

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His housing situation seemed to be a one room hut within a crowded, dirty village. All of these traits create others’ views of Jamal. Jamal’s family did not make much money therefor he is looked down upon by the rich. His education was limited so he was looked down upon by the intelligent.He was a Muslim so he was looked down upon by all other religions because Muslim was the lowest religion there was. Since Jamal was born into this status, he does not really make an effort to change his status and lives with what he is given. They are all related because one usually compliments the other.

Muslims were not given many rights so they obviously could not obtain a sufficient education which in turn hinders them from getting a high paying job. If they do not have a high paying job, their income is little to nothing. Jamal’s religion, for example, was one of the first things in the movie that was discriminated against.Jamal and all of the other Muslims were attacked by Hindus because Muslims were not seen as good people because they did not have the same beliefs as the Hindus. Many Muslims were killed in this scene just because their religion was slightly different.

They were not bad people, they just happened to be the Hindu people’s target. Jamal’s occupation was also criticized in this movie. His job was to serve tea to people. Tea servants obviously do not make a large sum of money. When Jamal went on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the host had laughed at his job.It was clear that the host did not believe that Jamal would make it very far in the show.

In the end though, the underdog comes out on top and wins one million rupees. After the show, Jamal is tortured by others and asked how he cheated because nobody believed that he was actually that smart enough to know all the answers. The people were stereotyping Jamal. Jamal did not stand a chance just because of his physical traits. Discrimination is all around. Everyone is constantly judging other people without knowing anything about the person they are judging.

Because of this judging, it seems that society has just assumed the roles that they were given. They assume the roles of the poor, rich, intelligent, dumb, beautiful or unattractive. Since they assume the role of one stereotype, people are automatically associated with a hundred other stereotypes. This is how all the types of discrimination become interrelated.

One trait can not be assumed without it carrying three other traits with it. Because of this, the poor are associated as lower class, uneducated, dirty and generally bad people.

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