Since the Humankind existed

Since the Humankind existed

Since the Humankind existed, the middle east has experienced the most important things which have affected the world deeply. Every society that is important, every event that affects the fate of world, has taken place in Middle east. In other words, the fate of the world is decided by the middle east. While the middle east has seen many conflicts in its history, it also has seen many innovations such as new mathematical methods or geometric. But the most significant discovery was writing. The Sumerians needed to note agriculture products. Therefore, they used cuneiform to note these so that they could learn how many products they get. In addition, the states which was in Middle east signed new discoveries even we use in our daily lives such as, wheel or paper which used to be called Papyrus. However, if we gaze at the middle east right now, we cannot see anything but cruelty. Due to abundance of petrol, there is always conflict between countries. Sum up briefly, what we understand from this is Middle east does not decide the fate of the world instead they used to be before and there is too much lobbying between countries which interested in their desires.


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