Should we take away the right to strike

Should we take away the right to strike

Should we take away the right to strike?
A strike is the control of labour by employees in order to obtain better wages or working conditions. Hence, the right to strike is one of the most treasured and fundamental rights for all. In 1800s, legal status of labour unions in Canada is unambiguous. Unions of United States and Great Britain mostly affected Canadian union development. Criminal charges were filed against unions, who tried to strike or bargain in Quebec and Ontario in the years 1815 & 1837 respectively. In 1987, “Charters of Rights” played a significant role in labour relations. However, unfortunately this right cover only freedom of association. It covers neither right to strike nor collective bargaining. “In the year 2015, due to the efforts of Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Decision, the Supreme Court of Canada legalize the constitutional right to strike” (Mass & Blanc, 2016).


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