Shlomo Zelefsky Professor Fink MCO 140 7/20/2018 Computer Research Paper Recently

Shlomo Zelefsky Professor Fink MCO 140 7/20/2018 Computer Research Paper Recently

Shlomo Zelefsky
Professor Fink
MCO 140
Computer Research Paper
Recently, on Sunday 7/20/2018, a Real Estate agency hired me to work for them. This real estate agency is not like all the other real estate agencies, which interact with middle class clientele, it only works for rich and famous people. Since I wanted to impress my illustrious clients, I decided to purchase the state-of-the-art computer in the biggest electronic store: B&H. That Sunday I walked into B&H and the security guard welcomed me and escorted me to the seventh floor, to the department of computers. As soon as we arrived, the security guard introduced me to Yanky, a renowned specialist in the field of computers. I felt relieved that a leading expert in computers was going to help me choose a computer. I told Yanky my name and the purpose of my visit. Then, I asked Yanky if he can assist me in choosing the best computer. Yanky was absolutely thrilled to assist me, and immediately asked me why I wanted a computer. I told Yanky that I am starting to work for a real estate agency that focuses on finding homes and apartments for the rich and famous and began telling him why a computer would be very helpful on the job. Then, I explained to Yanky that I needed a laptop because I intend to go meet my potential customers in their homes and in hotels. But I don’t just need any laptop, I need a new laptop that has the latest edition of Windows –and hopefully through this my clients will be really impressed. I further explained to Yanky that the company I work for will give me many large programs that will allow me to search for different homes and apartments very quickly. Therefore my computer must be capable of running many large programs very quickly. I also told Yanky that one program called Zillow sends me the property code I use to identify a property. Once I identify the property I plug that code into an even bigger program called Super Homes. Super Homes is a program that gives me contact information about the property owner to find out if he is interested in selling it. I also told Yanky that I need to download a program called Arrived Safely, which tracks my clients to ensure that they arrived safely in their new home. Additionally, I told Yanky that I want my entire conversation recorded with the computer’s camera for legal reasons. Furthermore, I intend to use to do advanced searches on an online database and this will entail always having an Internet browser open. Yanky told me, “Hmm, it seems like you will be using many programs”. I replied, “Wow that’s correct, you are on the ball.” Yanky recommended that because I would be using many programs I should buy a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM otherwise the programs when opened all at once would slow down the computer. However, I was still very concerned that even 4 GB of RAM would not suffice and told Yanky that I want to buy a laptop that has at least 6 GB of RAM. I then told Yanky that I anticipate that I will have a lot of customers. Then Yanky suggested that I get a computer with enough GHz so that it would be able to operate fast enough and thereby be able to work with as many customers as possible throughout the day. Yanky told me to follow him downstairs and to the basement. As we walked into the basement Yanky told me that the finest computers are kept in the basement. He took me to a closet at the end of the hallway and took out two laptops. The first laptop was an ASUS ZenBook UX303UA and the second laptop was an Asus Vivobook S551LB-CJ289H. Then Yanky began to list some of the things both computers share. Both computers have a webcam and a microphone and both have an LED display screen. Lastly, both have a touchpad with multi-touch gesture support. I then reminded Yanky that I wanted to impress my clients with the latest edition of windows. I then asked, “Which computer has the latest edition of windows?” Yanky told me that the Asus Zenbook has the newest operating system, windows 10 while the Asus Vivobook has windows 8.1.

After I asked Yanky what are some of the differences. He explained that the Asus Zenbookhas a faster clock speed, at 2.3 Ghz GHz as opposed to the Asus Vivobook at 1.6 GHz. The faster clock speed already got me to want the Asus Zenbook as I would need a processor that can executes tasks quickly. “Anything else,” I questioned. “Yes,” he replied.  He continued, “Also the Asus Zenbook has 8 GB RAM on its hard drive while the Asus Vivobook only has 4 GB RAM.” This was also very important feature as I would be using many programs simultaneously and therefore preferred the 8 GB RAM. “Anything else,” I asked. “Yes,” he replied.  He told me, “Additionally the Asus Zenbook has an SSD drive while the Asus Vivobook has an HDD drive. Again I preferred the Asus Zenbook as I would be doing a lot of traveling and in the event I would drop the laptop the data would be safe. Yanky continued, “The Asus Zenbook is 3.2 lbs and the Asus Vivobook is 2.4 Kg (5.29 lb).” The weight difference was also important as I didn’t have a car and would have to travel by train and bus. I would certainly opt for a lighter computer. However right before I told Yanky I would take the Asus Zenbook he asked me if I was willing to give up on the storage ? I asked Yanky what he was talking about. Yanky then explained to me that the Asus Vivobook had 1 TB compared to the Asus Zenbook which only had 256 GB. I replied that 256 GB would certainly be enough for my needs as I would be storing all of the information on the company’s database. Then I gave Yanky the cash and he gave me the laptop. However I didn’t use all the money. So the following day I decided to use the remaining money to buy Microsoft Excel 365. As I walked into Amazon, Yiddy Goldstien welcomed me and showed me upstairs to the software section. I told Yiddy the reason I wanted Excel –to record billing information. At first Yiddy told me that he could sell me Microsoft excel for $370, but I said that I didn’t have much money left which was at this point around 100 dollars. So Yiddy told me that he would have to think for 10 minutes about what to do. After 10 minutes he told me that he could sell me Microsoft Excel 2013 for $99.98 Even though he sold an older edition of Microsoft Excel, I knew it still suite my needs.

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