SHAKESPEARE: terminology that fills the plays?1 1Some

SHAKESPEARE: terminology that fills the plays?1 1Some

SHAKESPEARE: MAN OR MYTH?Who was the real Shakespeare? The son of a Stratford glovemaker? Or was he a forgotten nobleman, the 17th Earl of Oxford? It is the greatest detective story there ever was. As more clues are being found, more and more people are doubting the fact that he ever wrote all his plays or even existed. The big question people are asking is why the man who told so much about who we are tell us so little about himself? That is one of the many reasons why I think he never existed or even wrote all those plays. How could a nobody have thought a man who could barely sign his name was the greatest writer in the English language? In this essay I will tell you about why I dont think he wrote the plays, why Edward de Vere was the real Shakepeare, and other things like why its impotrant to see who the real Skaespeare is.In my opinion I do not believe that Shakespeare wrote all those plays because the man couldnt even sign his own and I dont think he ever existed. There are many facts that back up my opinion. One is where Mark Twain once said that only a riverboat captain can handle riverboat slang, and there were some things that you have to just experience.

Where would Shakespeare, have learned the lawyer slang, court slang, soldier slang, and all the terminology that fills the plays?1 1Some other facts that make me believe that Shakespeare never wrote these plays is that no plays, no poems, and not a single letter Shakespeares own handwriting has ever been found. The only examples of his handwriting yet discovered are six signatures, each one spelled differently. Another thing is that one by one, art experts doubt that he posed for any of the portraits of himself.It is believed by Oxfordians that Edward De Vere was the real Shakespeare.

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What makes me believe this is that Lord Burghley provided De Vere with the same environment and education the author of the plays mist of had. De Vere received degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge and then studied law. He was also saluted at the court with the toast: Thy countenance shakes a spear. It is very sad that De Vere did not receive any credit for his work, but instead a man who didnt even exist get it. In fact, Oxfordians remain convinced that all the plays had been written by the time De Vere died, and members of his family were sure his body was moved down from Hackney and reburied. What is there to be learned for sure about him? He was born in 1564. Was married at the age of 18.

Had three children. Died in 1616. What other hard facts are there? Why have the greatest literary works of man vanished? The monument in the church in Stratford is said to have contained his body or works in there, but gamma ray photos prove that to be false. When the photos were taken, nothing came up when they were printed. This is what really made me believe that Shakespeare never wrote those plays or even existed. I think that this is the biggest clue showing that my opinion is true. If that isnt enough to prove that Shakespeare never wrote his plays, then this should really convince you.

Just after WWI, an English schoolmaster named J. Thomas Looney set out to find the real William Shakespeare by constructing an exact profile of this man. The search continued and lasted several years. He came across this little volume of poetry in the British Library and in it he found some poems which seemed remarkably similar to the works of Shakespeare.

The poems were written by Edward De Vere. De Vere seemed to quit writing when still a young man. But Looney was sure the writing continued under the name “William Shakespeare.” Why wouldn’t de Vere have put his own name to the plays? In Looney’s view, it was because play-writing was beneath the dignity of nobility. Furthermore, de Vere would have been barred from using his own name because he had inside knowledge of all the court intrigues. Powerful people, like Lord Burghley, and even Queen Elizabeth, would have been embarrassed had the public known de Vere was the author and the plays were satire.

2 So, (according to the scenario constructed by Looney and others who continued his work after he died) de Vere chose a natural pen name.There are many reasons that you should believe that De Vere was the real Shakespeare. My theory is that he had just used the name Shakespeare so other people will not know that he was playwright and that he had written all those plays. If I were him, I would have just used my own name and get all the credit for all the plays that Shakespeare supposedly wrote. Now, because of that he is just a forgotten man because people did not know it was De Vere who had really wrote all those plays and people think it was Shakespeare who had wrote his plays.

But does it matter who William Shakespeare was? It matters a great deal to those who consider his works to be Western man’s highest achievement in literature. It seems to us a matter of elementary justice that the man responsible for this tremendous achievement should receive the credit for it.3 We also have a great interest in knowing about the kind of man who could have written as Shakespeare did. Knowing about an author’s life, moreover, can be expected to bring out much we might otherwise overlook in his writing and help us understand what he is saying-and one of the weaknesses of the conventional theory is that nothing in the Stratford man’s life illuminates the poems and plays of Shakespeare. There is simply no correspondence between them.

Doubts continue and new doubters are born every day. The fact remains that, though William Shakespeare wrote more than 36 world-famous dramas richly portraying the range and depth of human nature, we know almost nothing about the man who created them. 4Despite the intense research by legions of historians, scholars and biographers over three centuries, what we know–and can prove for certain–about the greatest literary genius in history can pretty well be jotted down on a file card. Finally, the identity of Shakespeare has a close bearing on the nature of the creative process. Is there any creative writer whose works are not a product of his character and experiences, expressions of what he is and has lived through? If we accept Shaksper of Stratford-Stratford records show the name to have been pronounced with a short “a”-as the poet-dramatist, we should have to conceive that the most moving, intensely real human situations, the most convincing portrayals of human beings in the settings that made them what they are, can be spun out of thin air. We should have to conceive that a writer of 37 dramas would choose to lay them in a world foreclosed to him-the world of the nobility-of which his knowledge would have been second-hand at best.5 In conclusion, I would have to say that Shakespeare was a great man and one of the greatest playwright to ever, unfortunately he didnt exist.

The facts I have given should be enough to tell you that Shakespeare never wrote all those plays or even existed. Its a shame that the man who did write all those plays, Edward de Vere, will never get the credit or recognition he deserves. Many people may not agree with me, but from these facts should make you think twice on weather Shakespeare was the actual author of those 37 plays.

Who was the real Shakespeare? Was de Vere the real Shakespeare? Did Shakespeare even exist? They are just many questions that are part of one big detective case that will probably never be solved. I guess we will never know weather de Vere was the real Shakespeare, if Shakespeare did not exist, and who really wrote all those plays.

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