Shakespear was a legendary poet/playwriter that wrote about 37 plays and 157 sonnets

Shakespear was a legendary poet/playwriter that wrote about 37 plays and 157 sonnets

Shakespear was a legendary poet/playwriter that wrote about 37 plays and 157 sonnets, But the Tempest was one of his significant plays that left people wanting more. Some say that is was his last play before he died. Others argue that this play had identified some strains. If you ask anybody what they really think about The Tempest they would say it was farewell from Shakespeare to the theatre. The theme of a magician giving his power up and going into Re rment can relate to that a lot. The Tempest takes place near a sea on an island where he was shipped to. The tend to go back and reference Naples and Milan to show the audience what time period they are in. The characters in the play are Prospero (the magician), Miranda (Prospero daughter), Ariel (spirit), Caliban (slave monster), and the nobleman all have distinct characteristic and each time the play was performed we see how each characteristic change and we all so see how each play setting changes over the years. I’m going to show you how the very first play changed from then until now regarding costumes, settings, actors, scripts, etc. I’m going to take you through the journey of the play and how it evolved over the years that passed.

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In 1857 Charles Kenan drew out plans for the paly using watercolor paint. A lot of people said that Charles performance of the tempest was the most lavish ever staged. According to The British Library that it took five hours to perform the play with over 140 stage hands to move the scenery. He used a mixture off vibrant and dark colors. The performance space was nothing like the globe structurally. The stage wasn’t that different from the globe but there was a platform with galleries on three sides. A wall with a door in the rear and a music gallery above the trimming. It was half the globe size and the playing space was smaller. The costumes he used was the finest clothing and hand-picked jewelry that gleam brightly in the candlelight light. The British Library also stated that that first night of the tempest gave them a sense of the condition in Shakespeare owns day and the future performance of his plays for years to come.

In 2006 Rupert Goold also did a live performance for The Tempest. He was a director that came with a clear view of what he wanted everyone to do for the play since it has been performed so many times. He wanted to make sure that his approach was very different. He drew out his designs where the island is where most of the things could happens. According to he wanted to give the island a real sense and not only a real sense but also a seral sense that let all the magical things to happen. Rupert Goold stated that he was keen on some endless landscape and that it was hard to do the landscaping of the scenery on stage. He did a lot of sketching and little story boards before putting his vision to work. He made it a nightmarish play because he felt as if the play was kind of a nightmare. During the storm part he had the background a dark black color with gray streaks in the water and grayish kind of color for the lighting. The island had this nice gold sand and palm trees because he felt as if the island was supposed to be hospitable.

The Renaissance has played a big role when it came to Shakespear writing his plays, much like how Hollywood has a big part in our lives. That time period was warm, showy, and fashionable place. Italy fascinated Shakespeare a lot. We can see that by the plays he has written. The costumes were more of an Italy type style and the settings are always set in this nice vibrant area where its sunny sometimes. According to the book William Shakespeare age published by Harold Branam Shakespeare and other English writers that are set in Italy all have characters with Italian names. The historical context of this play is that people see The Tempest was the colonial play for America. According the Tempest by Gina Macdonald and Brinda Charry to many Americans the play is basically a story telling how Americans by Europeans.

It’s important to understand the view that Shakespeare is really coming from. He has found a very smart way to incorporate colonialism into a play. Leaving us confused and happy at the same time. While trying to make one-character look like a hero while trying to make everyone have feelings for everyone else. Shakespeare was very clever man who always had clever ideas that turned into a play. Willam Shakespear plays also be towards women there’s a movie called the tempest but with a female playing as Prospero it shows that shakespear had a soft spot for women and most of his plays are gender neutrl and could be played by either a man or a woman and everyone thought that was a good idea.

William Shakespear will forever be a great poet/writer that goes down in history he was the known for having a great taste in style when it came to his characters costumes and setting a scene for the play. Even though we don’t really know who Shakespeare we is tend to get an idea or ideology of him through his plays and sonnets we sometimes feel connected with him though the words that he put in his pays. Even though his plays are not realistic he made it feel realistic which to us is something we value, and it enlightens us every day and that why we still consider Shakespeare to be the greatest poet/playwriter

Now you have been through the years where you see how the plays changed through the years. We see that everyone had a different view on Shakespeare the tempest. Some people see the setting as a dark and gloomy thing and some people see it as nice place with vibrant colors, but it seems that everyone had the concept when it came to the costumes and setting up the theatre, but no one can set the theatre up and perform the play like Shakespeare did himself because everyone knows that the original play will always be better and it will continue to have a different view every time someone else is doing, Also Many director see this play as a challenge only because it has so much allusion in it and many directors love a challenge that’s why it’s a great play to do.


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