King the blood on the daggers and

King the blood on the daggers and

King Duncan’s Final Night Last night the most unbelievable thing happened, our king Duncan has been murdered, not only that but also by his own guards isn’t that a thriller? When Macbeth said that when he saw the daggers in their hands he couldn’t stop himself from killing them, but when Lady Macbeth found out that king Duncan has died in their castle she fainted without a word, we all felt so sorry that Lady Macbeth and Macbeth had to witness this in their own castle.Macbeth described what he saw, he said that when he woke up he passed the king room, and when he did he saw the guards sleeping outside of the king Duncan’s room holding their own daggers, both of the daggers were full of blood and they and their cloths were full of blood. Macbeth said he instantly knew that they killed the king not only because of the blood on the daggers and on them but also the blood coming out of the king Duncan’s room.

When Macbeth saw that he could not stop himself because king Duncan and Macbeth were not only good friends but also they were relatives, can you imagine your friend or relative murdered in your own house or castle? Now to king Duncan’s sons Malcolm and Donald They said ‘one hides daggers behind his smile’ which meant that one hides his real self and the truth that he killed them.With their father’s death they got scared that the murders will come back from them because they were next in line for the thrown so they run away. But some people think that they killed the king for fleeing Scotland, Malcolm flied to England and Donald flied to Ireland. But no one know where exactly they flied too except them self’s.

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This was the daily news for today hope you all will go to King Duncan’s funeral.

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