SERVICE MARKETING PLAN REPORT – 1 Name Student ID Jasleen Kaur 150229177 Harjot Kaur Cheema 161750179 Monika Sharma 101700185 Section – MRK233MHB Date – July 8

SERVICE MARKETING PLAN REPORT – 1 Name Student ID Jasleen Kaur 150229177 Harjot Kaur Cheema 161750179 Monika Sharma 101700185 Section – MRK233MHB Date – July 8

Name Student ID
Jasleen Kaur 150229177
Harjot Kaur Cheema 161750179
Monika Sharma 101700185

Section – MRK233MHB
Date – July 8, 2018
Submitted To – Syed (Farhad) MahmoodTable of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u Report Overview PAGEREF _Toc518821209 h 2Highlights of Major Concerns (SWOT Analysis) PAGEREF _Toc518821210 h 2Business Overview PAGEREF _Toc518821211 h 3History PAGEREF _Toc518821212 h 3Mission statement PAGEREF _Toc518821213 h 3Target Market Demographics PAGEREF _Toc518821214 h 4Target Market Psychographics PAGEREF _Toc518821215 h 4Target Market Geographic PAGEREF _Toc518821216 h 4Target Market Behaviour PAGEREF _Toc518821217 h 4Environments PAGEREF _Toc518821218 h 5Government Policies Reference PAGEREF _Toc518821219 h 5Social Changes PAGEREF _Toc518821220 h 5Business Trends PAGEREF _Toc518821221 h 6Advances in Information Technology PAGEREF _Toc518821222 h 7Globalization PAGEREF _Toc518821223 h 7Service Product – Food and Beverage Services PAGEREF _Toc518821224 h 8SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc518821225 h 9Strengths PAGEREF _Toc518821226 h 9Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc518821227 h 9Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc518821228 h 10Threats PAGEREF _Toc518821229 h 10Competitive Review PAGEREF _Toc518821230 h 10Types of Competitors PAGEREF _Toc518821231 h 10Main Competitor – Hyatt PAGEREF _Toc518821232 h 11Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc518821233 h 12
Report OverviewIn this Report, Business Overview of the Radisson – company’s name what it is, its brands and much more. History of this hotel tells about the foundation and its headquarters. After that, Radisson’s mission statement is mentioned. Then the information about Target Market Demographics – Geographic, Psychographics and Behaviour is stated in this report. The five Environments – Government Policies Reference, Social Chances, Business Trends, Advances in Information Technology and Globalization specifies the Radisson’s contribution towards these five. Furthermore, the most important information of service product – Food and Beverage is designated in this report. SWOT Analysis explains about the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In the last part, Radisson’s competitors’ information is stated.
Highlights of Major Concerns (SWOT Analysis)SWOT Analysis of Radisson states its all threats and opportunities. There are several opportunities and threats which reveals about its current position in the market. It has very strong competitors in the market which made difficult for them to promote their brand. They are not static because more of their hotels are shifting from 4-5 star which is a major challenge for them. They can expand their global tourism market by advertising their hotels as well as service products with the help of media. They can gain their customers’ faith by giving them unique and best service which makes their guests feel special and n future they would come again and also they would share their hotel’s experience with their family and friends.

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Company –Radisson
Business Overview
Radisson hotels is an international hotel company and a subsidiary of the Radisson hotel group. It is an America brand which is serving hospitality from last 75 years to their guests. It runs the brands Radisson, Radisson blu, Park Plaza, Radisson Red, Country Inns, and Suites by Radisson and Park Inn by Radisson in more than 114 countries. The brand is passionately green and environmental friendly. It is giving tough competition to the topmost hotel brands such as Hyatt, Hilton, Four Seasons and much more. CITATION Rad18 l 4105 (Radisson Hotel Groups)History
The first Radisson hotel was built in 1909 and its headquarters is Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States of America. The name Radisson was given by a French explorer, ranger and furrier – Pierre-Esprit Radisson after 17th century. In 1962, Curt Carlson purchased the hotel. Radisson hotels are mostly in the United States. The city where the first Radisson hotel was built is Minnetonka which is their headquarters. Heiress Edna Dickerson founded original Radisson Hotel in December 15, 1909 at 41 South Seventh Street in Minneapolis. CITATION Rad18 l 4105 (Radisson Hotel Groups)Mission statement”Our professional caring Radisson family welcomes everyone with genuine pride and warmth. We are united in the effort to create a successful hotel, ensuring total satisfaction for all guests, staff, management and stakeholders.” CITATION Vis05 l 4105 (Vision)Target Market Demographics
Target Market Psychographics
Radisson provides world- class services to their guests. There are more than 50 amenities which are provided by Radisson to their guests to make their stay memorable. The service level makes Radisson one of the best hotel groups of the world. Also, their brands are very popular in several countries.
Target Market Geographic
This Company has their brands in 73 different countries. It includes some special locations like some are situated near international airports and some are near tourists attractions which targets most rich people. Therefore, urban cities are the target market areas of this company.

Target Market Behaviour
The main target markets of Radisson are foreign travelers, tourists and some aristocrat people who wants to stay in luxury hotel. Sometimes, it includes families because many of their hotels are having convention halls for gatherings. CITATION Sus17 l 4105 (Ward)Environments
Government Policies Reference
Changes in regulations and the impact on the service economy
Due to revolution of time there could be various arrangements that are made such as variety of regulations and the economy changes seen because of globalisation. There are a kind of firms that invest in hotels. Additionally, economy arises Level and vertical reconciliation methodologies of tourism ventures. Strategy of rules changes as well.

New regulations to protect customers, employers, and the environment
Firstly, if anybody want to arise the business they should have perfect rules for them. It is the very first responsibility of the employers to look after towards the customers with this they should look towards the services that they are getting everything in sophisticated way or the customers are treated in the appropriate manner or not. However, the environment around the work does matter as it should be hygienic and if anyone see their surroundings it should look pretty much awesome. CITATION Can18 l 4105 (Canadian Paidietric Society)Social Changes
Increased wealth or decrease in financial stability
The possibility that disparity can prompt money related emergencies has been featured by a few noticeable market analysts. Finance is fluctuating all the times.
Increased need to purchase experiences
Radisson purchase experiences because the seniors want that there should be not any hotel that would compete with their Radisson. It should be at the first place in everything sort of work
Increased use of cell phones, PDA’s
There are more highlights that are joined to the phone framework. Radisson always allow the employs to connect to the internet. They get assist to personal digital assistance in order to get beneficial output.

Easy access to information
In Radisson it is easy to access with the information as with the accessing everything clear in our mind. One is able to find everything on internet about Radisson easily. By the way everyone can find the useful information. The Radisson provides easy access to nearby businesses and attractions.

Population Trends in the last 3-5 years e.g. aging population
In the last 3-5 years population in Radisson hotels reached to the peak point. This is really good thing for all the workers who work there. CITATION New17 l 4105 (New Release Details of Radission)Business Trends
Strategic partnerships and alliances
Radisson has variety of partnerships with others such as at the conference in Indonesia it announces their wonderful Strategic partnership with Hainan airlines. There were various airline partners of Radisson.

Quality and customer Satisfaction
Quality means what customer want and what they get in return. Quality is very much important for customers. There should be full loyalty with the customers in order to give him/her good services. CITATION Bus18 l 4105 (Business Trends )Advances in Information Technology
Growth of Internet
Today people like to do online work instead of going somewhere. With the help of official site of Radisson, customers can check the room prices, they can book rooms online and sometimes can get special discount offers.

Mobile Technology
It is easy to use cell phone than laptops and computers. Mobile phone allows customers to search anything, anywhere, at any time. CITATION New17 l 4105 (New Release Details of Radission)Globalization
Radisson Company has its branches in 114 countries such as United States of America, Cyprus and many more.
Radisson sign partnership agreement with Msvenpick hotels, SAS international hotel, Park lane hotels, and with other high standard hotels, where Carison companies earn billons of revenue.

This hotel is built near Airport, convention centre, conference meeting centres, So this hotel provide services to customers in Urban areas. CITATION Eff18 l 4105 (Effects of Glolization on Hospitality Industry)Service Product – Food and Beverage Services
Food and beverage services are related to the services provided in restaurants, coffee shops and other food service establishment. This is one of the head departments in every hotel. The workers welcome the guest, asking for seat and hand them the menu and take the order. They also give answers to the questions of guests and tell them about menu and specials. The food and beverage workers an important role of making guests happy and special. They can give them the best experience of food to them by their service.

Food and Beverage Services in Hotel Includes –
Coffee Shop
Room Service
Poolside Barbecue/Grill Service
Banquet Service
Outside Catering Service CITATION Cam16 l 4105 (Camtasia)SWOT Analysis Strengths
Excellent service and best customer service.

Global presence – 420+ hotels globally in 75 countries.

They really offer deals and promotional offers to attract more and more people.

The original group is connected to brand value.

One of the topmost brand of Hotel Industry.

WeaknessesThe business name comes with the concept of calling expensive.

Having a current economic situation that deprives the use of money.
Attempted to concentrate on the urgent economy.

They still doing struggle to proof themselves.

Very slow in transformations.

OpportunitiesUsing current financial vision to increase customer through special packages.

Expand the global tourism market.

Tourists looking for novel floors.

They can provide best hospitality service to their customers which enhance their reputation.
By acquiring loyal guests, there would be chance that they recommend Radisson to others.
ThreatsShift from 4-5-star hotel.

Terrorist incident affect tourism.

Large number of strong competitors.

Other brands are taking initiate to establish them by advertising on media.
More attractive destinations’ hotels attract more customers. CITATION Rad182 l 4105 (Radission Hotel SWOT Analysis,USP and Competitors)
Competitive Review
Types of CompetitorsDirect Competitor – Which provide same facilities and with same goal.

Indirect Competitor – Which provides different facilities with same goal.Replacement Competitor – Which provides different products with different goals.Competitors- Hilton hotel, Hyatt hotel.Hilton Hotel: – Hilton hotels and Resorts is a Hilton’s flagship brand and largest brand hotel worldwide. This brand is targeted for both business and travelers with locations near airport, convention centre, popular vacation destinations, etc. This hotel generates about 9.14 billon US dollars in revenue in 2017 worldwide.
Hyatt hotel: – Hyatt Hotel Corporation is American multinational company that operates luxury hotels, resorts, and vacation properties. Hyatt hotels are small but provide full service and located near the business centres. CITATION Rad182 l 4105 (Radission Hotel SWOT Analysis,USP and Competitors)Main Competitor – Hyatt
Hyatt is the main competitor of Radisson. It is a multinational corporation of American origins. It was founded in 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. It is a public hotel company which operates a lots of hotels and resorts in the hotel industry. Hyatt has more than 43,729 employees as compared to Radisson. Surveys reveal that more than 56,000 employees are working for this brand globally. It is spread across more than 50 countries globally. This brand gives importance to culture, local communities, heritage and traditions. It provides luxurious service to their guests including bars, restaurants, spacious rooms with advanced amenities and modern facilities. It has extended hotels- Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Centric and Resorts – Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara. CITATION Hya07 l 4105 (Hyatt)
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