The all on the road. This opinon

The all on the road. This opinon

The issue of public safety has been in the spot light recently which has captured the eyes of many. Public safety was having a head on collision with 4WD’s on the road and have considered to be ‘death machines’ and are a safety hazzid to all on the road. This opinon piece ‘KILLER CARS- AN ASSAULT ON REASON’ written by melanie masters, talks about he views on this issue of 4WD’s and explains how they should be taken off the roads. WD’s have been a major issue in the media recently and freelance writer and researcher on issues relating to public safety, Melanie Masters, has expressed her point of view on this issue and how it can be a hazzid to all on the road and a creation thats should be taken off the roads. The article express very heavy dominating language which is expressed in the opening sentence of the article which sets the mood of the piece and the writter, the tone shown when she says’death monsters’in the opening sentence instantly just shows her view of the issue.The article relates back to the headline of ‘KILLER CARS- ASSAULT ON REASON’ as she not only expresses the hazzid of these types of vehicles on the road but also suppoets her arguement with knowledge.

Although she doesnt just have acusations, she also shares with us expert opinons on the issue, A research report prepared by the Monash Uni Accident Research Center found that 4WD’s were the most aggressive types of vehicles on the road and seriously injuring an average 5. 9 unprotected road users or drivers per 100 crashes. Masters expressing these expert opinons just gives as us an audience an unsafe feeling towards 4WD’s and this then puts us in a position to believe Masters views.

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She then also brings up the issue of greenhouse gases and how 4WD’s are more likely to consume a lot of petrol because of there large size and how this can impact on our climate as they are experting too much emissions into the atmosphere.With this information might relate back to some readers who have a strong view on climate change, which not only shows Masters use of language to persuade but also the use of other community and global issues that are in crisis to capture her view more and again relate back to the viewer. Masters not only used expert opions to draw in the audience she also used sterotypical views on the drivers od 4WD’s saying ‘4WD’s drivers are more likely to be more materialistic then other Australian drivers’ and then going to say that this serotypical driver is more likely to say ‘I was born o shop’ which just elimates most drivers on the road and then shifts the view of the reader as this isnt neccaseryly a relivent remark relately to the issue but it is more of an attack to a certain type of person Masters seems to be against. Masters also uses a cartoon to relate back to this issue and support her agurement. In the article she says that ‘like the women in the cartoon above, who is happily unharmed after ploughing into a smaller car. this statement not only relates back to her views on individuals that drive 4WD’s but also the use sterotypes to support her view and opinion. The cartoon does relate back to the headline ‘KILLER CARS- ASSAULT ON REASON’ by using an overly sized 4WD thats has crashed into a very small car on the road, which relates back to the headline that reads ‘KILLER CARS’ and this then supports her opinion and view well, drawing in the audience and making us feel scared and unsafe around 4WD’s on the road.

The cartoon also express a sentence ‘HELLO DOWN THERE… EVERYTHING OK I TRUST? which relates back to what Masters has said in the article ‘4WD’s clog urban roads and reduce visibility for other road users. ‘ these two sections that Masters expresses help show how these 4WD’s are not relible because of the actions expressed in the cartoon and also in the article.

By Masters using a cartoon has intreged the reader more as it Masters not only expresses her point of view, expert opions and safety issues but she has also shown us some visual imagery which draws in the audience and makes her article and opion seem more real and believeable.The article has expressed a lot of agressive and dominating tone and language in the piece that not only supports Masters opinion but it also draws in the viewer believes her research and point of view. The way Masters connected the headline with the article and the cartoon showed that she had a strong opinion to express and this was shown with statements like ‘death machines’ and showing a very overly large 4WD on the road that has caused a crash.

Overall the use of research, caroon imagery and knowledge Masters was able to attract the viewers attention and allow then to she her side of the issue.

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