SECRET SEVEN FIREWORKS -Enid Blyton The eleventh book

SECRET SEVEN FIREWORKS -Enid Blyton The eleventh book

-Enid Blyton
The eleventh book, SCERET SEVEN FIREWORKS, is mainly about win the battle of wits between the Seven and Susie’s new club, the Tiresome Three. There is the investigation of a burglary as well, but the Seven and Susie’s new club allow themselves to be distracted by the Tiresome Three so much that Susie is not filler in this story but a main last part of it. The Seven are all looking forward to bonfire night, and made a super guy. But an awful thing happens when Colin’s g grandmother’s house is robbed while she is away and her maid, Greta was locked in the larder while the thieves ransacked the house. Two of the thieves were caught by the police, but the third one got away, and the Seven spot him on the field by the bonfire before he goes off to hide again.

It starts off with Susie teasing Peter, Janet and Jack for not having any meetings. Really I think Susie is more interested in the society than the actual members. She has a new song as well, a follow up to Binkie’s first attempt of the previous book. It’s during autumn term time and the Seven are once again preparing for bonfire night. We read that there is a wood across the field at the bottom of Peter’s garden, where is built a hut used by old Burton, the hedge and the ditch man on the farm. The Seven gather the materials and then build their bonfire on the field. The mother of two of Susie’s friends Hilda and Doris, has to go into hospital, and so the two girls go to stay with Susie and they form a rival group, the Tiresome Three and the remaining story tells how the rival pranks between the two groups blind the Seven to the activities of the escaped thief. The story is with much appeal for young readers but less so for teenagers, with a climax that seems unrealistic when the fleeing thief disguises himself as the seven’s guy and hides by sitting on the bonfire. Having eliminated the portable suspects, all that is left is for them to find the real culprits. After some detecting and a brainwave, they are rewarded with a bumper box of fireworks from the grateful police sergeant. Peter’s conscience is troubling him . He feels awful about the accusations levelled against Susie so they write a apologetic note and invite her and her friends to the fireworks party. It’s dream come true for Susie. She is appreciative and waves away the apologies and admits that she did awful things too. Everyone warms to her generous nature. However Janet in her role as the conscience of the secret Seven sums it up correctly when she thinks to herself.

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