Second, On April 22,1608 .The Muscovy Company again sent Henry Hudson to seek the Northeast passage but this time between Svalbard (Norwegian archipelago) and Novaya Zemeliya (two large inhabited islands in the east of Siberian Russia) that lie to the east of the Barents sea but again ice blocked his route and he returned to England.
Third, While he was in Amsterdam gathering supplies, Hudson heard reports of two possible channels running across North America to the Pacific. One was located around latitude 62° N (based on English explorer Captain George Weymouth’s 1602 voyage); the second, around latitude 40° N, had been recently reported by Captain John Smith. Henry Hudson didn’t give up and he decided to try for the third time on 1609 but this time he was in service of the Dutch Republic more specifically The Dutch East India Trading Company on a ship called Half moon. Hudson sailed from Holland But this time also failed because of bad climate(winds and storms) so he decided to forget about the agreement with the Dutch and instead seek the north west passage because .He gave the chance for his crew either to continue or to return and they decided to follow Smith’s proposed route.

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