Seatbelts and that person is not wearing his/her

Seatbelts and that person is not wearing his/her

Seatbelts can be defined as straps designed to hold a person safely in a seat. When a person uses a seatbelt and that person is in an accident, the person can be badly injured but they will still survive the accident. But when seatbelts are used in combination with an airbag, the likelihood that the person is going to survive the accident goes up. If a person is in an accident in a car with an airbag, and that person is not wearing his/her seatbelt, the airbag is going to injure the person badly. Seatbelts help reduce the speed that a person hits the airbag thereby reducing the injury. Hitting an airbag is like hitting a brick wall.

There are some cars that have airbags on the passenger side. These airbags are dangerous to small children sitting in the passenger seat. These airbags are known to short out and deploy even though an accident has not occurred. There have been many questions as to how to disconnect these passenger side airbags. Manufacturers have been trying to make a passenger side airbag disconnecting switch built into the dashboard. This mechanism can be used like an ignition switch: just insert a key and turn the key and the airbag will deactivate. Car owners have also had the airbag flat out removed from the car.

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Car buyers also just plain avoid buying cars with a passenger side airbag. Seatbelts, however, cannot be avoided. In the state of Pennsylvania it is illegal to ride in an automobile without wearing a seatbelt, yet we still do not wear them because they are uncomfortable.

We dont think about what can and will happen if we dont wear them. Seatbelts should be worn at all times. On school buses that seat more than 24, however, seatbelts are not present. They should be!!! Even though the seats are high and they look like they will stop someone from flying forward, the passengers on the bus can still be injured in an accident, especially passengers that are standing on the buses. Seatbelts would prevent passengers from standing up on the bus and would also reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident. I mean, the bus driver has one. Why shouldnt the passengers? Sure they might cut down on the amount of people per seat but wouldnt you rather have people to fill the seat with seatbelts than to fill a seat without seatbelts? I think so! We dont need airbags on school buses.

The idea seems impractical for two reasons: #1. The seat in front of you slows you down in the first place. #2. Where would you put them? Why cant we just accept the fact that seatbelts save more lives than a bag of air does? Airbags cause head and neck injuries and protect the body and seatbelts cause abdominal injuries but sort of protect head and neck injuries. The two should be combined, not separated. Sure I support the concept of deactivation of the passenger side airbag because of children. The children will be much safer without it than with it because the bag inflates at head height with a small child.

Sort of gruesome results when you think about it. Again, combine airbags with seatbelts and you will save a lot more lives than you would with the two apart. Since airbags only deploy in the event of a frontal collision, they dont protect the side of the car. In the event of a side collision, seatbelts will prevent you from flying toward the other side of the car.ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!!!

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