Screenplay, Looking for Alibrandi written by Melina Marchetta and film Snow Walker directed by Charles Martin Smith, are both films conveying the journey of the theme discovery, through their main characters, Josephine Alibrandi and Charlie Halliday. Josie senior student is studying for the HSC, a very important event of her schooling. Although being a typical teenager, she faces multiple challenges with accepting her Italian family, new relationships and a loss, which all contribute to her self-discovery. In the film, Snow Walker Charlie Halliday an arrogant ex war pilot finds himself stranded in the vast Canadian Artic, ironically throughout the film he adopts a new life transforming him into self-discovery.

Protagonist Josie in Looking for Alibrandi introduces herself to the audience on Tomato Day, with her Italian family, which is referred to as ‘National wog day’. “my name, by the way, is Josephine Alibrandi”. Josie wishes to isolate herself from these family events as she carries all sorts of traits of embarrassment, such as turning off the Italian records playing the background. “Jozzie! Put the music back on and come back here, we have to finish”. Josie comments towards her family show her decline in her own culture, “why can’t we just by Leggos like the rest of the world”, this shows how she desires to be like ‘everyone else’. Josie rhetorically asks herself, “do I really belong here?”. Although throughout the screenplay Josie becomes more mature. Josie’s immaturity claims her transitioning of self-discovery represented.

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