Science and Technology has been playing important role indifferent aspects of human lives

Science and Technology has been playing important role indifferent aspects of human lives

Science and Technology has been playing important role indifferent aspects of human lives. Throughout history, humankind has developed and utilized tools, machines, and techniques to improve their lives. Here we are going to discuss how human being spend their lives before invention of science.what kind of services they used.
Communication services
Humans are naturally very social beings and the way we communicate is vital aspect of our lives. We know that, communicating over miles is something that people once faced problem, but thanks to recent progress in technology, today it is much peaceful and quick for us. Where people once depend on smoke signals and even courier pigeons for means of comunication.In the earlier days when modren services were not available people were using birds for sending mails. Most used were pigeons, hence the name ‘pigeon post’. Pigeons, generally homing pigeons, have an excellent sense of direction and they can easily find their destination. For this reason, people chose pigeons when sending a note or message to someone. After composing the message in little piece of paper they tied and attached this to the bird’s leg. Even in present time, pigeon posts continue to be useful in the most remote places where modren postel services are not available. This method was also used in the military and navy to convey orders from one place to another.
Transportation services
In transportation Before invention of wheel in this world, there were two means of transportation.
1-By “walk”
2-Using “animals”
Donkey was the first animal that was used for transportation. Donkeys were used for carrying heavier loads at their backs. Donkeys were very easily trained for carrying stuffs like grain sacks,woods,water, bricks,vegetables. These kinds of animals are generally known as “pack animals”.some Other pack animals are camel, , elephant, reindeer, llamas etc

Horses were used for riding.peoples covered long distance by using horse as a mean of transportation.Horses have the capacity to walk entire day along with rider at the back over 40-45 kilometers per hour.
In the 17th and 18th century, many new means of transportation were invented such as bicycles,cars, trains, buses,trucks, airplanes, and trams etc.
Food production

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200 years back, almost( 85- 90 )% population of the U.S.A worked on agricultural farms and they produced their own food material. But in present, only 2% of the population produces food for the whole world to eat. That is a big change in the amount of food producing associated with people and assuring that everybody has sufficient food to eat. Before farmers use tractors and other motorized equipment to help with field work. , farmers would have to do field work by hand or with animal-drawn equipment. This work would take a long time to complete, and farms were smaller because farmers could only work on small land. Animals were not very fast, and they would get tired soon and need some rest side by side to recover from their hard work.
Food preservation
In those daysThe three main ways of curing (the process of preserving food) included drying, smoking, and salting. Each method drew moisture out of foods to keep it save from spoiling. vegetables Fruits and other food items could be dried by being placed out in the sun or near a heat source.


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