There To start with, most children have

There To start with, most children have

There have been heated discussions about the role which schools play in forming students’ characters. Those in favor of the importance of schools suggest that the two most important factors stand by this side, whilst rivals state the fact of the relationship between children and parents, along with drawbacks of the schools. Insight needs to be given into the matter so that justifiable viewpoints can be chosen. To start with, most children have a closer relationship with their parents then with the teachers.That is not understandable, since before they even go to school, they have spent five blissful years playing, learning and sharing with parents.

There are certain subjects which cannot be confided to teachers but mothers or fathers. In addition, by and large students have more confidence in their parents and are more appreciative of their advice as well as experience and knowledge. Up to a point, it takes almost everybody a long time before deciding whether someone is trustworthy.

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Students are no exception.Parents are people who they hold in high esteem, and as time goes by more respect should be gained. Therefore, it is most likely that the children try to be like their “role model”, shaping their personality including outlook on life. Another disadvantage of schools is that in the modern world, the major part of the school day is devoted to knowledge and diligence trial with the help examinations. Competitions are consequently held, urging the young to set their hearts on being awarded the honor, resulting in ignorance of personality development.Undeniably, the aim of these doings is to lend kids a hand in making themselves well- rounded, notwithstanding its precarious neglect for characters. Indeed, talented as somebody may be, without proper manners and thinking, no benefit would the country obtain from such a person, let alone on a global scale.

On the other hand, a child spends as many as eight hours a day at school on the average, exclusive of the time they stay at home with no parents’ supervision as mother and father are still busy working. That is to say, school is the chief environment in which students thrive and shape their manners.For example, in most developed countries where independence is early cultivated in children’s perception, interaction with parents seems a peculiar definition. Family accordingly takes little part in the behavior with which the young lead their lives. Furthermore, schools offer a wide variety of subjects in which the outlook on life that has a profound influence on traits is blended partially, as each shows a seemingly- separate- yet- relevant aspect.

Not only do activities at schools have team- spirit nurtured in individuals but they also promote critical thinking as well as quick- wittedness.Hence the belief in schools’ role is obviously defensible. To sum up, although schools are regarded as strangers in the family circle, and parents are the one believed to have the ability of developing characters in children, it cannot be denied that the more years students spend at school, the more significant the importance of schools grows. In our day-in day-out routine, the dominant factor evidently is the school together with its diverse fundamentals, affecting students’ personality.

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