+ManaKill++http://www.Fly.to/ManaKill+Scarlet all right. The thought that something happened,

+ManaKill++http://www.Fly.to/ManaKill+Scarlet all right. The thought that something happened,

+ManaKill++http://www.Fly.to/ManaKill+Scarlet LetterDiary EntrysEntry 1I have arrived at my new home. The boat trip was very rough, even to the extent of making me lose track of time.

That unclean, floating mass of death was merciful enough to let me be. Too many children have suffered and died on the way to America. I miss Roger a little bit, and hope he comes soon. I’m very lonely and I don’t know what I’ll do to keep myself busy.

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Roger was nice enough to give me money to live off of until he comes to be with me. There are a lot of handsome men around here. A single woman could have a lot of fun, and never be by herself.Entry 2Well, it’s been a few weeks since I came ashore on this new land, but I think I’m getting used to the people and their customs.

I have a house that’s very comfortable and cozy. It’s small, but just the right size for Roger and I. The church here is very nice. The minister is young and full of life, and kind of cute too. They welcomed me in with open arms, and I’ve been invited to attend every Sunday.

They all make me feel so at home, I was immediately attached to the people here. I have sewn a new dress for myself for special occasions only. I’ve worn it to church once and got dozens of compliments on it. I’ve even got some offers from some of the ‘better off’ folk, to make dresses for them, but I declined.

I’m fine just enjoying life right now. Everything is perfect, except Roger isn’t here. It’s funny; I don’t miss him that much anymore.

I keep wondering when he’ll arrive though.Entry 3Six months have passed since I’ve written in my diary. I misplaced it in my sewing basket. I know almost everyone in town by name now. The minister at church seems to have a liking to me.

We talk every Sunday about the service and how life’s going. He seems to be a really nice young man. I’m starting to wonder when Roger is coming to be with me.

I hope he’s all right. The thought that something happened, on the way over here, crosses my mind every day. I feel a little guilty that it doesn’t bother me that I may never see him again, yet I feel no pain. I don’t believe I ever loved him with all my heart. I’m beginning to wonder if I should go find a new life and start a family, but I must wait to find out for sure.

Entry 4I had a picnic with the minister today. It was beautiful. We sat on the shore eating some biscuits and jam. We talked about everything.

I had such a good time with him. Were going to go on a hike in the woods tomorrow.Entry 5I can’t believe what happened today.

We were just walking in the woods and all of the sudden we just got caught up in the moment. But the minister of all people! It was wonderful, the rush of passion, lust and raw love. I don’t regret doing it, but I’m not sure what the minister feels. He was clenching his heart when we walked back to town. I asked him if he was all right and he said he was fine.

I think I’ve found the right man to be with the rest of my life.Entry 6The baby is due soon. I haven’t had much time to write in my diary. I’ve decided to name it Pearl if it’s a girl, and Louis if it’s a boy. I have so much work to do to get ready.

I’ve bought a crib for it, and got some stuffed animals, blankets, toys, and food. The money Roger gave me is dwindling quickly. I might have to get a job sometime soon. I don’t think Roger is coming to America anymore. It’s just been too long. I’m too lonely without anyone to be with. I’ve heard that the penalty of adultery is a stiff price to pay.

I hope I’m not executed; surely, anything would be better than that.Entry 7They will be coming to arrest me soon. I will be having the baby within the next 24 hours. I’ve been notified that I’ll be imprisoned until I have to stand on the scaffold and be given my sentence.

I will not reveal the man I love. It is better that one of us pays the price, and the other goes on. I can hear them coming up the path. This is my last entry.

I hope things turn out for the better.

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