To be begin with staff motivation, motivating employees is one of the most significant requirements that every employee need. Through motivation, it can ensure good results at work and help employees achieve better performance. Motivating staff is not a difficult process, but it depends on the ability of the manager to perform it in the best possible way. Therefore, so in this paragraph will discuss in depth the motivation of employees, there are two main types of the motivation: incorporeal motivation and materialistic motivation. Starting with incorporeal motivation, in Oman Arab Bank they motivate their staff morally by: thanking and complementing them, vocations, comfort environment. Thanking and complementing the staff when they achieve certain targets and goals. The influence of the grateful words in the emotion of employees. Sometimes the word “thank you,” which the official says contributes to motivating employees and increasing the staff energy and enthusiasm, as they will feel that the get appreciated by their manager. The work environment on the other hand often affects staff’s performance, and by feeling comfortable at work, they can provide a better level. Therefore, the management team in Oman Arab Bank always think about the climate and the working environment for you and the staff, and work to provide them. The Bank offers rooms with great potential for their comfort, such as choosing certain seats, and providing modern equipment that will motivate employees and feel comfortable. Finally, the bank gives the employee reasonable days for yearly vocation for the employee.


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