BEST professional development. I want to be

BEST professional development. I want to be

BEST WORKER 4 Mennjjhan, Avenues, Harare Cell (263) 091 023 011 E-mails: best worker@zw. ey. com; ncchani@gmail. com Date of Birth:15 September 1982Nationality:Zimbabwean Languages:English, Shona, and Ndebele Marital Status: Married CAREER OBJECTIVE: I have a vision to become a successful professional with the highest level of skill and respect of ethics through continuing professional development. I want to be a change agent creating value for my employer and giving a meaningful contribution to the success of the area under my responsibility.

I completed all requisite examinations in order to qualify as a Chartered Accountant in November 2008. I am interested in pursuing a career in the following areas: external or internal auditing, financial accounting, corporate finance and transaction advisory services. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Institute of Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe (ICAZ) Final Qualifying Examinations – Part II:Passed November 2008 – 1st attempt (Public Practice Examinations – PPE) Final Qualifying Examinations – Part I:Passed March 2008 – 1st attempt Postgraduate Studies:University of South Africa (UNISA): Honours Bachelor of Accounting Science Degree (2007) – 1st attempt Institute of Chartered Accountants (Z): Zimbabwe Certificate in Theory of Accounting (2007) – 1st attempt University of Cape Town (UCT): Post Graduate Diploma in Auditing (2007)-1st attempt ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: Undergraduate Degree: University of South Africa (UNISA): Bachelor of Accounting Science Degree (2001- 2005) University of Cambridge General Certificate in Education at Advanced Level- 2000 Mathematics B, Chemistry B, Biology CUniversity of Cambridge General Certificate in Education at Ordinary Level- 1998 9 “O” levels all with A grade passes (on one certificate).

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: The institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe – Articles of Clerkship. Training Firm:Ernst & Young (chartered Accountants) Zimbabwe Assurance and Advisory Business Services July 2006 – to date NATURE AND SCOPE OF POSITION I am currently serving as an Audit Senior. I have vast exposure in external auditing, internal auditing, financial accounting, financial management, risk profiling and taxation.Furthermore I have gained exposure in issues relating to guidance on audit reports issued by the Public Accountants and Auditors Board in the advent of the multi currency regime, some of which have been approved by the ZSE. Clients have continuously engaged Ernst & Young to assist in enterprise cost reduction which involves evaluating the current cost structure and recommending a more efficient business model. Furthermore I have gained professional experience in the mining, insurance, retail, financial institutions, manufacturing, non-governmental organizations, public utilities and telecommunications sector.My client portfolio also includes companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and some with headquarters in regional and overseas countries.

External Audit •Responsible for planning and managing audit assignments, including appraisal of new clients. •Identification of key audit risks and developing appropriate strategy and ultimately audit procedures to address the relevant risk areas. These also include, among other engagement activities, the preparation of engagement letters, audit team planning and risk assessment procedures. Assessing and reporting to management on weaknesses in internal controls, corporate governance and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. •Provision of technical advice to clients on recent changes in International Financial Reporting Standards. •Coordination and review of work done by other departments such as internal audit and the Technology Security and Risk Services department responsible for the IT audit. •General audit procedures – going concern reviews, subsequent events reviews, minutes reviews and journals scrutiny.

Supervision of audit staff and coordination of the execution of the audit fieldwork. Detailed review of the work performed by the audit team. Taxation •I have reviewed and/or prepared tax computations – company tax, deferred tax, capital gains tax and tax returns. •Furthermore there has been need to advise clients on tax issues especially in light of challenges brought about by the introduction of the multi currency regime such as tax recoupment on assets, opening balances for deferred tax purposes and significant changes in the tax rates.

Financial management Review of client budgets to assess reasonableness of underlying assumptions in view of the current economic environment and industry that the client operates. •Assessments of the going concern of various audit clients which involves the computation of key working capital ratios and the review of cash flow projections. •Review of cash flow management. •Preparing and reviewing financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards and International Accounting Standards, including preparation of inflation adjusted financial statements.Administration •In charge of the audit finalization which includes release of signed audit reports, staff assessments, audit billing and cost recovery. My duties also include general administration work, staffing of assignments and job scheduling. •I am involved with facilitation in in-house training courses on the methodology and technical aspects such as application of auditing and accounting standards.

•I liaise with clients at various times during the audit including, planning, progress and clearance meetings. Enterprise risk management I have reviewed clients Enterprise Risk Management which enables management to deal effectively with potential future events that create uncertainty and to respond in a manner that reduces the likelihood of downside outcomes and increases the upside. •This involves understanding the business which includes identifying key organisational drivers and risks that would deter the organisation from achieving its objectives. •Assessing how internal and external factors combine and interact to influence the risk profile. Assessing whether management has established the risk appetite of the entity and is operating within the risk tolerance levels.

•Assessing residual risk and the appropriate risk response. •Recommending mitigating controls that would reduce the risks to acceptable levels. Internal audit •I have reviewed clients internal audit structures and performed due diligence audits. •This includes review of compliance by management and the adequacy of key policies and procedures with regards to financial and operational controls. Assessing IT general controls, IT application controls and network security.

•Accounting package utilisation review including the authority matrix. Previous employment history I have also worked in the banking sector for five years. Positions included Bank teller, ATM custodian and Customer relationship officer for elite clients. Computer Literacy Caseware Auditing Software; Pastel Accounting Software; Accpac Accounting Software; Equation Banking Software System; Cashier Bank Front Office System; Microsoft Office. Personal StrengthsPassionate about teamwork and usually gets the best out of people I work with.

I have enjoyed offering counseling to peers and subordinates during my days at high school, the banks and at Ernst & Young. I believe that in people is bestowed so much value that awaits to be uncovered through skilful tapping. During my spare time I have applied this belief in assisting in particular, girls to overcome low esteem tendencies. OTHER I am a holder of a Class 4 driver’s licence since 2006 INTERESTS AND HOBBIES Traveling; reading and meeting people.

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