s/n Technical attributes Percentage of weight

s/n Technical attributes Percentage of weight

s/n Technical attributes Percentage of weight (%)
1 Fiber type and content of the yarn 14.53
2 Sewing machine type and setting 1.87
3 Colors type and printing 7.60
4 Thread type 8.93
5 Marker making and cutting abilities 4.81
6 Anti-wrinkle action 9.93
7 Fabric dyeing and finishing 9.40
8 Pilling resistance 8.76
9 Cotton content 24.01
10 Pattern making ability 10.11
Based on the above shown pareto analysis above 80% of the customer requirements comprises Having appropriate size, Reasonable price, Dimensional stability, Durability, Resistance To wear during washing and not to wrinkle easily, in case by addressing those customer needs can solve the customer dissatisfaction on the company’s product (T-shirt)
When we analyze the percentage of customer requirements, we observed that customers may get suspicious whether they want to buy or not the product. Because they thought “Having appropriate size” has a great importance on the customer’s interest followed by Reasonable price and Durability, according to the highest percentage of (17%) of customer requirement which is calculated with the planning of the company. Highest optimization should be given to those requirements.
Those highest valued customer requirements should be fulfilled by optimizing the technical requirements (Attributes) corresponded to those values. The following is the percentage of combination the technical attributes with customer requirements from the House of Quality Matrix as shown in the following table


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