Chapter of the East graduate of Bachelor

Chapter of the East graduate of Bachelor

Chapter 1 Introduction 1. 1 Background of the study Point of sale or also known as Point of purchase is where transactions takes place between the customer and the sales agent while Inventory is the term used for compiled list of goods. Point of Sale and Inventory are two important processes in effective management of a business. Cav-Medz Pharmacy was established year 2009 and it is located along Governor’s Drive Manggahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite just across the two big names in the industry of selling medicinal drugs. Currently, they have 4 employees.It is owned by Ms.

Marifel Nieva, a University of the East graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The Cav-medz’ aim is to provide lower-cost, safe and helpful medicinal drugs and to have a faster and accurate level of transactions when it comes to sales and inventory. Currently, they are using manual computations for their sales and inventory in which they encounter a lot of difficulties. Manual computations can be inaccurate thus; they cannot specify their exact income for the month or year or the exact list of goods that they have. Ms.Marifel Nieva is planning to expand and have a branch in Tejero, Cavite thus in such venture the company most likely need a system that will monitor the company’s profit and goods. In this generation where a technology-aware and innovative mind rules any kind of business, computerized transactions are a very helpful must.

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In a continually growing business, transactions are much easier if it will be accompanied by computers. 1. 2 Statement of the Problem Cav-Medz Pharmacy has still been operating manually. And these are the difficulties that the company has been undergoing over the years: 1.Cannot specify the exact amount of sales and item sold.

2. Complications on sales and Inventory due to human errors. 3. Laboriousness and time consuming when it comes to generating sales and inventory reports for obvious reasons that it is done manually. 4.

Unable to monitor supplies easily. 1. 3 Objectives of the Study 1. 3. 1 General Objective To develop a computerized point of sales and inventory system for Cav-Medz Pharmacy that will help the company to have a convenient, less time consuming and accurate transactions regarding on sales and inventory.

1. . 2 Specific Objectives 1. To provide reports that will be specific on the exact amount of sales and available items for the system will compute and tally sales thus, it will generate a more accurate output.

2. To avoid complications due to human errors by creating a system that carefully manages transactions and reduces errors. 3.

To develop a system that is convenient to use and that will minimize human works. 4. To have a system that will strictly monitor the supplies. It will detect critical items and out of stock products. 1. 4 Significance of the studyIn our generation, computers are great companions to business ventures. Paper works, laboriousness, errors and time consuming transactions are now being eliminated or taken at minimal level by the use of computers.

Thus, for a better, faster and convenient process of managing a business we recommended a computerized Point of sales and Inventory for Cav-Medz Pharmacy. The proposed system will benefit the ff: * The Company The main beneficiary of this study is Cav-medz Pharmacy. The company would be now equipped with a system that offers a careful management of sales and inventory.It will provide solutions to the difficulties experiencing now by the company. It will greatly help the company for it will make fast, reliable, specific and convenient transactions possible. * The Manager The proposed system would greatly help the manager to monitor the company’s growth. For the manager will be able to generate accurate reports on sales and inventory that would help in terms of decision-making in the future.

* The Employees/Staffs The proposed system will also benefit the staff for it will minimize load of work such as writing a receipt and generating daily reports.The employee or the staff will input the product code and the quantity and the system will do the computations and the generating of receipt. * The Customers Because the company is now equipped with a system to provide a better and faster service and made sure that products are all available. The customer now will have a full satisfaction and therefore will patronize the company. * The Supplier Because the system detects the critical and out of stock products, the company will now be able to order products on time and avoid rushing suppliers for deliveries.Plus, the company will now identify the fast moving products from the slow ones and because of customer’s full satisfaction, the higher the sales goes for the company and that will lead to a higher demand of products to purchase from the suppliers. * The Proponents This study will greatly help on a whole new level of understanding a sales and inventory system.

The knowledge that may be acquired in this study can further be pursued for future thesis. * Future Researchers This study can serve as a guide for future researchers who are interested regarding on topics such as Point of sales and Inventory.This can contribute to their ideas and related studies. 1. 5 Scope and limitations This study greatly focuses on Point of Sales and Inventory. This study is for the benefit of having faster, accurately reliable and less time consuming transactions of Cav-Medz Pharmacy. The system is using modules, menus and sub-menus to divide execution of wanted transaction.

The proposed system also applies security measures for it will ask for a valid username and password to be able to access the system. The username and password will be provided by the administrator through the user account under File manager module.The administrator has the full control and will be able to see everything inside the system.

Transaction Module: It includes the inventory and point of sales. Under the POS menu, both the administrator and the staff can view the current sales and can transact by inputting the product name/code and the quantity and the system will be able to generate the receipt and print it. While under the stock viewer under the Inventory menu, both the administrator and the staff can view the availability of products further divided into normal, critical, empty stocks and by supplier.

Report Module: The administrator is the only one allowed to view full report of sales and inventory divided into daily, monthly and yearly and will be able to print the reports. File manager Module: The employee can back-up files under this module but it is only the administrator who can restore the files and can view the user accounts. The administrator can see who logged in at a specific time as well as who logged out.

Utilities Module: Under this module, the administrator can add, edit and deactivate user accounts. The administrator could also add, edit and deactivate stocks.Help Module: Both the administrator and the user can view this module. It contains the user’s manual and information about the system. Log-out Module: This module is to formally close the operation.

The proposed system will be using computer units both for the administrator and the staff. It will also include a receipt printer for the printing of the receipts and a regular document printer for printing documents such as Sales and Inventory reports. It will also need a network hub or switch to enable communications between the computers.Network Diagram for Cav-Medz Pharmacy Administrator Staff The administrator’s unit will be placed at the back part of the drugstore where the owner always stays while the staff’s unit will be placed over the counter to do all the sales transaction. The proposed system will be using Visual Basic.

Net together with MySQL. The proposed system does not include the payroll system for the employees. It also does not include solving problems of malfunctioning hardware. The system has no online capabilities and the system

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