Since My most influential author, without a

Since My most influential author, without a

Since the release of J.

K. Rowling ‘s first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher ‘s Stone in 1997, Harry Potter series has conquered the universe inch by inch. It seems that Rowling non merely created a charming universe in the novels, but besides made the series became a thaumaturgy in the existent universe. Readers of different ages in more than 200 states are fascinated by this scrawny, dark-haired, bespectacled male child and his astonishing narrative. Nowadays, there are few educated people who had n’t heard of Harry Potter.Why could this fantasy novel written for kids enjoy such an unprecedented popularity? One of the grounds may lie in the fact that, in the novels, Rowling has showed her deep penetration into people ‘s religious plane.

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She tries to utilize the novel to state people how to acknowledge oneself, and how to research the unconscious bed of human head. Now, the purpose of this paper is to give a relevant research about this series and foremost the writer of the books will be introduced as follows.

1.1 Rowling and her immediate success

During recent old ages, J. K. Rowling has going one of the most celebrated female writers in the universe.

This is due non merely to her celebrated Harry Potter series but besides to her “ torment to riches ” life experience. Once survived off of authorities aid, Rowling used merely no more than five old ages to do herself a multi-millionaire. And she ‘s one of merely five self-made female billionaires, every bit good as the first billion-dollar writer ( Watson & A ; Kellner, 2004 ) . Of class, all these success do non come of luck but with her passion and attempts for authorship.On 31 July, 1965, J. K.

Rowling ( original name: Joanne Kathleen Rowling ) was born in Yate, Gloucestershire, England, 10 stat mis north-east of Bristol. When she was a kid, Rowling loved composing narratives and so read it to her sister Diana. It is believed that Diana has long been Rowling ‘s driving force for literary making. At the age of 6, Rowling wrote down her first story-a narrative about a coney with rubeolas who was so visited by his friends.

Then when Rowling was 14, her grandaunt, who Rowling ( 2006 ) said “ taught classics and approved of a thirst for cognition, even of a questionable sort ” , gave her a really old transcript of Hons and Rebels, the first volume of Jessica Mitford ‘s autobiography. Mitford immediately became Rowling ‘s heroine, “ My most influential author, without a uncertainty, is Jessica Mitford, ” Rowling said in an interview, “ I love the manner she ne’er outgrew some of her adolescent traits ” ( Fraser, 2002 ) .Rowling studied at the University of Exeter for the unmarried man ‘s grade in French and Classics. After graduation, she worked as a sectarian in London. However, she ne’er thought she was suited to that sort of occupation and her dream was still to be a author.

She tried to compose some grownup novels though she ne’er finished them.Subsequently on, Rowling ‘s fellow moved to Manchester and he asked Rowling to travel with him excessively. It was during a four-hour-delayed train journey back from Manchester to London, after a weekend looking for a level, the thought for a narrative of a ace male child came deluging into her head to the full formed. And so it took Rowling six old ages to compose the narrative down.It was the release of this fantasy narrative led Rowling to the route of celebrity and luck. Up to now, legion awards were granted to Harry Potter series, such as: “ Nestle Smarties Book Prize ” , “ British Book Award for Children ‘s Book of the Year ” , “ the Children ‘s Book Award ” , “ Book of the Year award ” , etc.

. The 3rd book of the series-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, made Rowling the first individual to win the “ Smarties Prize ” for three times. And she had even to retreat the 4th novel of the series from the contention to give other books a just opportunity.What ‘s more, non merely the books, but besides Rowling herself, has won many award. In 2007, Rowling was ranked by Forbes as the 48th most powerful famous person ; Times magazine besides named her as a second best for its “ 2007 Person of the Year ” ; in 2008, she became the twelfth richest adult female in Great Britain harmonizing to the Sunday Times Rich List ; and on March 2010, Fortune estimated that, the net worth of Rowling-the universe ‘s richest writer, was $ 1 billion.

1.2 Harry Potter Phenomenon

The Harry Potter series negotiations about a charming boy-Harry Potter ‘s turning narrative. Correspondent to the seven school old ages in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ( afterlife called Hogwarts School in the novels ) , the series consists of seven books, with each book depicting Harry ‘s annual life and experience indoors and outside Hogwarts.

From a 11 old ages old small male child in the first novel to a 17 old ages old grown-up in the last novel, Harry goes through many troubles and escapades, and eventually becomes a individual that is responsible and accountable. It seems that this is an old narrative form. However, it is right this narrative that attract 1000000s of people in the universe even beyond the bounds of age and race.In 1997, when the first book of Harry Potter series was published in Great Britain, an tremendous sum of attending was seized by this fantasy narrative.

After merely 15 months, the sale volume of the book has reached to 15,000 transcripts and it hit the best-seller list of many celebrated British documents, such as: The Guardian, The Times. This novel besides gained a series of awards, for case, “ Smarties Book Prize ” , “ British Book Award for Children ‘ Book of the Year ” , “ the Children ‘s Book Award ” , non long after its publication. On October 1998, American Scholastic won the command for the right of distribution of Philosopher ‘s Rock at the monetary value of $ 105,000, and since so, Harry Potter series began its manner to fame and success around the universe ( Jiang, 2008 ) . Since at the clip when the concluding installment of the series was finished, the Potter books have been translated into approximately 67 linguistic communications and have been sold for more than 400 million transcripts. The first three novels were each on the hardback best seller list while the last four books have even consecutively set records as the fastest-selling books in history.

Besides, the New York Times Book Review has one time set a separate best-seller list for kids ‘s books to react to the expected demand for the 4th in the Harry Potter series of kids ‘s books ( Smith, 2000 ) .Meanwhile, the popularity of Harry Potter series was non restricted to book market. In 2001, the movie version of Harry Potter and Philosopher ‘s Stone was foremost released and won an immediate success. Bing produced by the celebrated movie company Warner Bros.

Entertainment, Inc. , this first movie adaptation of Harry Potter grossed $ 90,294,621 from the first hebdomad ‘s box office net incomes and ranked, up to now, eighth on the inflation-unadjusted list of all clip worldwide top 20 movies. And so, in the twelvemonth 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009, another five movie acceptances of Harry Potter were released severally, with four out of the five still ranking in the worldwide top 20 movies and the reminder placing in the top 28.Furthermore the big demand for Harry Potter books and movies besides led to the outgrowth of the big sum of Harry Potter by-product.

First, the seven books have all been released on unabridged sound books. Then, there were eight pictures games correspond with the thrower movies and books. Besides, other derived merchandises such as DVD, fabric, jewellery, toys, gifts, letter paper, etc, were going the hottest Sellerss in the universe market. Nowadays, Harry Potter has already become a world-wide trade name that valued at $ 15 billion ( Snyder, 2007 ) . What ‘s more, with the official gap of “ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter ” subject park on June 18th, more and more money poured into this all clip commercially successful amusement belongingss. The executives of Universal Orlando-the proprietor of the subject park, was confident the franchise would digest despite the hazard that involvement in Harry Potter could get down to diminish when there was no new novels or movies to prehend consumers ‘ attending.

“ We think the Harry Potter books will be dateless, ” said Alice Norsworthy, Universal Orlando ‘s executive frailty president for selling and gross revenues ( Jason, 2010 ) . Added Warner Bros. spokesman Barry Ziehl: “ Harry Potter has become an ageless classic ” ( ibid ) .

In a word, with the extremely development of modern media, Harry Potter has developed from a series of good novels into one sort of cultural phenomenon. The lives of this new coevalss around the universe has been glutted with such a sort of cultural phenomenon, and some people have even connected Harry Potter trade name with the century old authoritative brand-Walt Disney, believing that “ Harry Potter Phenomenon ” has already and will go on to exercise an important and bearable influence to the whole universe.

1.3 Significance of the paper

The significance of the paper can be listed as follows:First, Harry Potter series, as a trans-century work, used its charming narratives to project a enchantment on the bulk of the universe overnight.

And merely because of this series, the writer J. K. Rowling has made rather a splash in both literary circles and concern circles. Therefore, such an attention-getting work has bit by bit become a hot subject for people to analyse and analyze.Second, many critics and bookmans place and abroad hold given a great many of remarks and have done a batch of researches on this series since its publication of the first book in 1997. And the analysis of Harry Potter series has already developed from the unsighted difference period into the grave literary review period.

However, the former surveies for the most portion, have focused chiefly on the analysis of the novels ‘ literary beginnings, societal political factors, narrative techniques, and cultural influence, etc.. Even though there are some people who has analyzed the archetypical elements in the novel, but their analysis were ever from the facets of scriptural original or heroic original, which to some extent, still had a batch of things to make with the literary beginnings. The shadowy original, as one of the four most of import originals harmonizing to Carl Jung ‘s original theory, has seldom been mentioned by bookmans in the perusal of Harry Potter series.

Therefore, this thesis tries to take such a ocular angle as the theoretical footing to analyze the Harry Potter series, to analyse the personality of the characters in the novels, and to larn the underlying significance behind the books.Third, although Jung ‘s theory has existed for decennaries of old ages, it still has an influential power to the human being. Particularly in the current materialized universe where people tend to pursuit wealth and power and are vulnerable to assorted sorts of enticements, Jung ‘s point of views on original can play as a important function in assisting people to recognize oneself and populate a meaningful life. Therefore, the analyzing of some of Jung ‘s idea reflected behind Harry Potter is worthwhile, and it can assist people to happen the profoundness of this popular series.

1.4 Organization of the thesis

The thesis is made up of five chapters.Chapter one introduces Harry Potter series and its influences, every bit good as the writer J. K. Rowling ‘s background and accomplishments.

And it besides shows the significance of the survey and the organisation of the thesis.Chapter two reviews the earlier research did by critics and bookmans place and abroad in footings of literary beginnings, societal political factors, narrative technique and civilization, etc. ; and it besides introduces the theory footing of the thesis-the shadowy original theory.Chapter three and chapter four are the chief organic structures of the thesis, with the former portion analysing the manifestation of shadow original in the novels and the latter analyzing the handling of the shadowy original, or in other words, the individualization of the shadow.Chapter five came to a decision which summarizes the accomplishments and literary values of the plants, and it besides points out the restrictions of the survey and suggests a way for farther survey.

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