ROOTS largest Horn Manufacturing Company in the

ROOTS largest Horn Manufacturing Company in the

ROOTS INDUSTRIES LIMITED INTRODUCTION : Roots Industries India Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of HORNS in India and the 11th largest Horn Manufacturing Company in the world. Headquartered in Coimbatore – India, ROOTS has been a dominant player in the manufacture of Horns and other products like Castings and Industrial Cleaning Machines. Since its establishment in 1970, ROOTS has had a vision and commitment to produce and deliver quality products adhering to International Standards.

VISION We will stand technologically ahead of others to deliver world-class innovative products useful to our customers.We will rather lose our business than our customers’ satisfaction. It is our aim that the customer should get the best value for his money. Every member of our company will have decent living standards. We care deeply for our families, for our environment and our society.

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We promise to pay back in full measure to the society by way of selfless and unstinted service. MR. RAMASAMY, THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND ROOTS’ SUCCESS : In 1970, Mr. Ramasamy promoted M/s. American Auto Service, which was taken over in 1992 by Roots Industries Private Limited, a company promoted by Mr.Ramasamy. This company entered into technical collaboration with Robert Bosch, the world leaders in auto electrical to manufacture all the range of Bosch Horns.

Mr. Ramasamy had a very inquisitive and innovative temperament. This led to his having many firsts in his distinguished career. Mr. Ramasamy can very proudly claim that he is a self-made industrialist and in recognition of the same, he has been conferred theUdyog Shree Award in the year 1990.

He has also been awarded the Udyog Rattan Award by the Institute of Economic Studies in the year 1991.He has been awarded Udyog Gaurav Awardby All India Organization of Entrepreneurship Confederation. He has been awarded Udyog Patra Award by the Institute of Trade and Industrial Development Delhi in the year 1992 in recognition of being a self made industrialist and also his contribution to the economic development of the country along with Bharatiya Udyog Jothi Award instituted by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Delhi. He has been conferred the Vikas Rattan Award and the Gem of India award. VALUABLE ASSET :Roots has a strong people-oriented work culture that can be seen and felt across all its member concerns. Whether they work in group or in isolation, their effort is well appreciated and achievements well rewarded. They have a sense of belonging and they revel in an environment of openness and trust.

Cross-functional teams function as one seamless whole and foster the true spirit of teamwork. Roots as a learning organization systematically trains its employees at all levels. Conducted in-house, the training programmes equip them to meet new challenges head on.Employees are encouraged to voice their feelings, ideas and opinions. There is a successful suggestion scheme in operation and best suggestions are rewarded. QUALITY POLICY: Committed to provide world-class products and services with due concern for the environment and safety of the society. It will be achieved through total employee involvement, technology upgradation, cost reduction and continual improvement in * Quality of the products and services.

* Quality Management system. * Compliance to QMS requirements. Quality will reflect in everything we do and think * Quality inbehaviour. Quality in governance. * Quality in human relation.

PERSONAL CULTURE : The management has been encouraging and promoting a very informal culture, “Personal touch”, sense of belonging, enabling employees to become involved and contribute to the success of the company. The top management also conscientiously inculcates values in the people. “There is no shortcuts for success. ” TRAINING : Roots believes in systematic training for employees at all levels. As a part of the Organizational Development efforts, training programmes are being conducted in-house, for employees at all levels.In addition, staff are also sponsored for need based training programmes at leading Management Development Institutes.

It spends around 35 lakhs rupees for the purpose of training. Chairman is trained for 48 hours in a year, operators for 20 hours and middle level people for 36 hours. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY With due concern towards maintaining and improving the Quality of Life, Roots is committed for sustainable development by minimising pollution and conserving resources. This will be achieved through continual improvement in Environmental Awareness of all employees & associates, Legal Compliance and Objective towards Environmental Protection.

K. Ramasamy Chairman Roots Group QUALITY CIRCLE MOVEMENT: To ensure worker participation and team work on the shop-floor, Roots Industries India Ltd has a very effective Quality Circle Movement in the organization. As on today Roots Industries India Ltd has 3 operating Quality Circles having 24 members and some of them have won awards at different conventions and competitions.Through interaction with workmen in these sessions, a process of 2-way communication has been initiated and valuable feedback has been received on worker feelings, perception, problems and attitudes. Simultaneously management has communicated the problems faced by them and the plans to overcome these problems.

KEY INFORMATIONS : Session was by Mr. Sudhakar, executive. He shared with us regarding the development of the organisation and also about training and development. He also shared many of his experiences which were useful for a better understanding for gaining knowledge.The session was maily focused on the part of organisational development, training and development and the industrial relations with respect to labour welfare.

Thought Process changes according to the change all around. Human resource is the only resource that cannot be duplicated. The key social responsibility of the organisation is to return back to the society. CHALLENGE TO HR EXECUTIVE: •Building a culture in a industry. •Managing human relations which is beyond everything. •Meet the expectation of the people. •To encourage employees.

MAJOR OBJECTIVE : •Attracting talent •Retaining talentAttracting talent and retaining talent is a form of talent management in which it helps the executives to attract every employee and make sures that they retain in the same organisation in order to develop the organisation for their own well being. For example: Service Award (for 5 year experience) is given to the employees in order to retain them. EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: To encourage employees, initiatives are taken by giving incentives they are recognised by •Total Employee Involvement.

•Suggestion Scheme Suggestions are given by the employees with respect to the required product and process.If in case any valid suggestion is been implanted by the organisation they are provided with 10% / Rs 10,000 whichever is lower. Spot Award of Rs.

50 is been given for the suggestions given on the spot. •KAIZEN: It means Improvement refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of process in manufacturing, engineering, game development and business management. BENEFITS : •Monthly: The employees are benefitted based on the varied companies performance ranging from 5% to 25%. •Annual: Profit Link Allowance: Is based on the turnover. It is given in 3 phases – January-Leave salary May1 –May5- Tour Holiday -June-Annual Incentive based on the performance •Retirement: Super Annuation Fund is given with Gratuity and provident fund Celebrate Quality Month during November 1 and December 15 to build employee involvement and culture.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ORGANISATION: •Organisation need people to carry out the organisation. •Knowledge •Skill •Attitude MILESTONE : 1970 Promotes American Auto Service for manufacture of Electric Horns. 1972 First to manufacture Servo Brakes for Light Motor Vehicles. 1984 Roots Auto Products Private Limited was established to manufacture Air Horns.Die Casting Unit commences commercial operations. 1988 Polycraft, a unit for Plastic Injection Moulding was established.

1990 Roots Industries India Ltd takes over Electric Horn business. 1992 RMCL enters into Techno-Financial collaboration with M/s. Hako Werke GmbH, Germany. 1992 Roots Industries India Ltd obtains the National Certification – ISI mark of quality.

1994 Production of floor cleaning equipment commences. Roots Industries India Ltd wins American International Quality Award. 1999 Becomes the first horn manufacturer in Asia to obtain QS 9000 2000Becomes the first horn manufacturer in Asia to obtain VDA 6. 1 and the first in the world to win ISO / TS 16949 2000 The first to introduce digitally controlled air horns and low frequency, low decibel irritation free Jumbo Air Horns. 2003 Roots Industries India Ltd. , Horn Division is accredited with ISO 14001 : 1996 2003 Roots Industries India Ltd. , upgraded its ISO / TS 16949 from 1999 version to 2002 version 2004 Roots Industries India Ltd (RIL) opens its 100% exclusive Export Oriented Unit at their Horn Division, Thoppampatti, Coimbatore to cater the needs of Ford North America.

004 RIL’s EOU commences its supplies to Ford, North America 2004 Roots Multiclean Limited (RMCL) inaugurates its 100% EOU Plant at Kovilpalayam, Coimbatore 2004 Roots Cast Private Limited (RCPL) inaugurates its Unit II at Arugampalayam, Coimbatore 2004 Roots Auto Products Pvt Ltd (RAPPL) expands with its Machining Division at Arugampalayam, Coimbatore 2004 RIL successfully launches its Malaysian Plant 2004 The group company American Auto Service is accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 2005 Roots Industries India Ltd. is certified with MS 9000, a pre-requisite for Q1 award for Ford Automotive Operations Suppliers. Focus on Systems and Processes 2005 Roots Metrology & Testing Laboratory has been accredited by National Accreditation Board for testing & calibration in the field of Mechanical – Linear & Angular 2005 Roots Industries India Ltd. , is awarded Q1 by Ford Motor Company 2005 Roots Industries India Ltd. , Horn Division upgraded its ISO : 14001 from 1996 version to 2004 version Hence we were able to gain real time industrial exposure through this visit.

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