The wanting to leave. Another way Romeo changed

The wanting to leave. Another way Romeo changed

The first difference you will notice in Romeo, is his complete devastation after he is declined so many times by Rosaline. The fact that Romeo doesn’t even know Rosaline is one way he is seen as immature at first, he is completely infatuated with her and expresses that he is manically in love, but then he suddenly hates which can be seen as foolish and childish.

Romeo is referred to be a ‘’Petrarchan lover’’ which originated by an Italian poet in the 14th century before Romeo and Juliet was written. He wrote a lot of poetry to a lady called Laura, who like ‘Rosaline’ was unattainable and unavailable.Romeo did develop more as a character after meeting Juliet, you can see the significant difference in him when you look at when he was in love with Rosaline, he did not feel life was worth living without her.

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This very thought made him depressed and he would tend to mope about and hide in his room. But then you can see a more positive approach to life after falling in love with Juliet. He wanted to be with her every moment, and this is expressed at the balcony scene where it shows him not wanting to leave. Another way Romeo changed was his first experience in love wasn’t good, he felt it was bitter sweet.Being in love was wonderful, but not being loved back was the most awful thing imaginable, he revealed this to Benvolio to seek comfort.

Yet when he reveals his love for Juliet to Nurse and Friar Lawrence he thinks it’s wonderful. He told friar that there was no love like this for Juliet and he had to be with her. His mood changes from depressed and vulnerable to confident and exceedingly happy. His new found confidence and excitement comes from the fact Juliet actually loves him back, this is something very new to him.

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